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Procurement Manager
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Procurement Manager USP

Trusted by many brands worldwide, the Procurement Manager provides fast-paced services when it comes to managing the procurement processes of a company. 

From providing the most relevant data about the suppliers to assisting the user in obtaining reliable quotes, the Procurement Manager makes sure to increase the graph of the client’s saving whilst strictly adhering to the budget of the firm. 

Graphs of the Procurement Manager software claim that the combined savings of the client have often exceeded 20%.

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Procurement Manager is an initiative by MarketingUnity which allows a user to compete in a fast-paced market, overcoming the challenges of procurement. Procurement Manager follows sustainable and user-friendly procedures to assist the user in getting fast results, without cutting corners. 

The Procurement Manager provides e-procurement modules to the users which include management of complex categories along with significant rise in the typical savings of the firm.

Procurement Manager Features

  • Speed and Accuracy 
  • Specifies the needs of procurement fully and accurately to the user
  • Assists the user to find the most sustainable suppliers and attain reliable quotes, hence ensuring no delay

  • The Right Supplier for Every Job
  • Handles complex categories and bespoke products with ease
  • Maintains supplier-profiles, categorizing them with synchronization to the policies of the company

  • Enhanced Marketing ROI
  • Captures all the comprehensive data about procurement jobs and delivers to the stakeholders online
  • Provides the users with insights that help them to make strategic improvements and achieve tactical cost savings

  • The Buyers’ Toolkit
  • Generates instant quotations for various products, having online pricing or reverse auctions, as and when required
  • Helps the user to create comprehensive specifications for getting fast and reliable quotes

Procurement Manager Pricing

There is no information available regarding the Procurement Manager Pricing on the official website of the software. However, one can avail of the required information by tapping on the ‘Contact Us’ tab and requesting the developers to provide the Procurement Manager Pricing.

Procurement Manager Demo

MarketingUnity offers a free demo of the Procurement Manager platform to the user. In order to access the demo of the software, the user needs to visit the official website of MarketingUnity and click on the ‘Request a Demo’ tab wherein the user will be required to enter basic details. These details include the name of the company, eMail address and other common requisites.


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Procurement Manager
65 Buyers Negotiating
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Procurement Manager Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Efficient and Cost-Effective”

Procurement Manager is known to be very efficient and cost-effective. The existing clients of the software have noticed a significant increase in the savings of the firm after implementing the modules of the software.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Speed and Control”

The consistency level of the software is quite commendable when it comes to speed. The control of the software is so accurate that it enables the user to carry out repeat jobs within a fraction of sections.
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