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ARCUS Procurement
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ARCUS Procurement USP

ARCUS assists users to find the products they require while delivering real-time visibility into procurement processes. The application allows users to automate their procurement workflows to improve efficiency. Allows suppliers to negotiate with the business regarding each line item. Users can monitor all project activities and produce insightful reports on the performance of their supply chain. 

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ARCUS is a cloud-based supplier management solution from Trade Interchange. It offers a complete suite of modules that businesses can use to effectively manage supplier risk and protect their brand. The software is easy to use and rapid to deploy. Its modules are integrated through a centralized hub that is based around vendor info management and efficient workflow and approval systems. ARCUS can seamlessly interface with your company’s existing tools like your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. 

ARCUS assists users to find the products they require while delivering real-time visibility into procurement processes.

ARCUS Pricing:

ARCUS pricing details are not provided on the product website. The vendor offers pricing information by quote. Contact them and provide details about your business requirements to get a personalized ARCUS pricing quote. 


ARCUS offers a demo of the software to help uses explore it thoroughly. Call the vendor or fill out the contact form on the product website to request the demo. Utilize the chance to learn if the software can help to solve your organization’s specific challenges and needs before entering into an agreement for a paid package. 

ARCUS Features:

→Online Sourcing

  • Utilize this web-based sourcing platform to gain full visibility and control over procurement processes 
  • Get 24*7 access with no inhouse hardware intervention

→Automated Workflows

  • Leverage automated workflows to efficiently manage supply chain procedures 
  • Helps to streamline all the business activities 

→Delivers Alerts

  • Receive alerts on developments and problems, and take proactive action to rectify them 
  • User can send notifications, and alerts, and deliver quote requests to vendors

→Quote Negotiations

  • Conduct quote negotiations with suppliers via the platform 
  • Users can provide the approval to tenders

→Create Reports

  • Generate detailed reports on bottlenecks, finances, and more 
  • Creates detailed reports with critical analysis


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ARCUS Procurement
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ARCUS Procurement Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Suitable for Multiple Sectors”

ARCUS is a suitable solution for businesses of all sizes in a range of industries including retail, facilities management, hospitality and foodservice, and others.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Continuous Improvement”

ARCUS’s team uses Agile development methodology and encourages feedback from all stakeholders to continually enhance and refine the software and its modules. This gives users access to the latest features and tools of the platform. In addition, the vendor protects users’ business data by utilizing robust security measures such as the ISO27001 standard for information security.
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