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e-Procurement Portal
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e-Procurement Portal USP

E-Procurement Portal helps the enterprises to manage the expenditures as well as the supply module altogether. Enterprises can negotiate product prices based on usage and collaboration with the suppliers by keeping track of the transactions. Transparency of the software provides clear information to all the team members, which allows them to follow the instructions. Request e-Procurement Portal Pricing to get more information.


E-Procurement Portal is a software to collaborate with the enterprises with the suppliers efficiently. It will help the enterprises to get all their suppliers onboard and analyze the purchasing demeanor. The E-Procurement Portal is available online and offers catalog management, Invoice processing, and supplier management in one place. 

Enterprises can drive the negotiations based on the stock requirements and obtaining benefits based on transaction analysis. 

E-Procurement Portal Features

  • Catalog Management
    • Suppliers get to manage their catalogs and update the information based on product availability. 
    • Controlling and configuring the catalog validity based on the demand and productivity of the products.

  • Supplier Management
    • Integrated supplier management to track the benefits obtained from the suppliers. 
    • Helps the enterprises to check with the supplier commitments throughout the agreement.

  • Invoice Processing
    • Automating the invoice generation from the purchase to pay cycle will save the working time for the users.
    • Creates a transparent invoice for every transaction for both suppliers and the enterprises

  • Requisition Management
    • Provides a platform for creating, authorizing, tracking and processing the purchases of an enterprise. 
    • Initiation of request by either the enterprises or the suppliers through the e-procurement portal.

E-Procurement Portal Pricing

E-Procurement Portal Pricing starts from $50 per month. The portal is available for web-based, cloud, and SAS. The enterprises get support during office hours online bases. E-Procurement Portal pricing varies based on the requirements of the enterprises. It is better to contact the direct vendor regarding the price and get all the required features. 


E-Procurement Portal Demo

There is a free version available for E-Procurement Portal, but enterprises can make use of the trial period. Get registered with the software and start using it with the help of demos and tutorials. Try the features and get to know the beneficial factors of the software. It will surely help the enterprises deciding upon choosing certain useful services from the E-Procurement Portal.


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e-Procurement Portal
71 Buyers Negotiating
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e-Procurement Portal Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 02, 2020


E-Procurement Portal saves a lot of time and paperwork tasks for the enterprises.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020


The control over the purchases and the agreement terms helps the enterprises to be within the allocated budget with the suppliers.
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