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Using Catsy is bound to increase product and business exposure by leaps and bounds. It makes content marketing and management a more targeted and strategic process through a centralized system of functioning. Catsy takes care of all the technical aspects of content management so that more effort can be put into the creative aspects of it. The combined control over both product information and other digital assets such as images and graphics turn Catsy into every content marketer’s dream. 

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Catsy’s product information solutions help in the management of all content related to any product in one place. Suited for all businesses regardless of size, Catsy’s software apparatus ensures the product’s visibility online, on the ‘digital shelf.’ It aids in the formulation and execution of a clear strategy to guide online content curation. 

Besides speeding up the process, Catsy also facilitates larger sales conversions. It’s a customizable workflow and data unification technology enables businesses and industries of all types to avail of its services. In a day and age where content is king, Catsy is a crucial addition to any enterprise. 

Catsy Features

  • Centralized information
  • Maintain a single database to sync all product data and digital assets
  • Access for any team member at any time through a central portal

  • Dual support
  • Manage content and all related aspects through product information management
  • Organize digital assets such as images, videos, and diagrams to be stored separately but alongside information

  • Easy collaboration
  • Enable teams to collaborate across different departments
  • Categorize specialized data from each department for easier retrieval and less confusion

  • Ensure Accuracy
  • Update product-based databases regularly
  • Make a single edit to apply to all fields

  • Optimize Content
  • Replace external content optimization with Catsy’s feature
  • Improve content as it is being created

Catsy Pricing

Catsy pricing options are varied and differ from business to business. Catsy pricing plans can be obtained by directly contacting the seller. The pricing is based on organizational needs and size.

Catsy Demo

A demo can be booked via the Catsy website. Catsy also offers numerous resources in the form of videos, illustrations, animations and written material for familiarization of the software. 


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Catsy Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 05, 2020

“Easy to Use”

With Catsy, the process of content management has become much more about creativity than wasting time on technical tasks like manually filling numerous spreadsheets. It is imperative for any business.
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Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

May 05, 2020

“Driving Growth”

Catsy has helped our organization to focus more on the future with its sophisticated content management systems. We are forever ready to distribute data to any channel at a given time.
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