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OneClick USP

OneClick is an efficient app/product by Enable labs. The aim is to accelerate the process of generating technical specification document. The real-time data while generating the report helps in checking the bugs and errors if any. OneClick as its name delivers a solution to its customers in a single click. It’s comprehensible to use and collects witness accounts via iPhone, tablet, and desktop. OneClick enables deep attention to the submitted data for a better and simplified technical specification document. It’s smart user interface increase business working efficiently, bringing more productivity.

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OneClick is an app that helps to produce technical specification documents instantly. OneClick aims to fasten the process of generating the technical specification reports sometimes hours to generate by other apps. The app generates real-time reports of the documentation and helps to collect data of leads and customers using any operating device it can run on.

Behind OneClick there is an idea to allow the manual team to work on more important issues, therefore, increasing the business productivity at a greater level.

OneClick Features.

→Quick output

  • Generate technical specifications timely with accuracy
  • Filters data to quicken the process and easy handling of it
  • Offers connectivity on any operating device it can run on


  • Generate a user-friendly interface to maintain multiple user pages
  • Create design documents in a predefined format to ease the team’s job
  • Compatible to run on iPhone, desktop, and tablet


Real-Time processing.

  • Generate real-time reports to witness accounts
  • Use customer behaviors over the website to generate leads
  • Integrate fast processing for quick reports and documentation

Deep Attention

  • Proffer deep attention to the data and makes business working smarter
  • Reduce the teams’ burden as it takes hours to generate a report manually

OneClick Pricing

There is no information available on the OneClick Pricing schemes. The OneClick Pricing schemes have not been disclosed to the general public. Business organizations need to contact them directly for pricing quotes depending on their needs and the size of their operations.

OneClick Demo

OneClick provides a free demo for the app on its website in the form of text and illustrations to acquaint the users with all its functionalities. Videro resources and documentation can also be found on the web to dig deep, also take a tip from the current users to the benefits.


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OneClick Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 05, 2020

“Real-time solution”

OneClick adheres to its features and gives real-time reports and helps in maintaining different user pages at the same time. It’s quick in resolving the problem and allowing the team to work on other major issues.
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Buyer, Power, SME

May 05, 2020

“Simple to use”

OneClick is simple to use and understand with its modern interface helping easy generation of reports and data over the phone.
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