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Label Insight
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Label Insight USP

Label Insight is a cloud-based platform that caters to retailers in helping them manage their products in the market and achieve attribute-driven growth for CPGs. The software has a wide array of solutions that enable retailers to discover and target their potential customers and help them maintain proper engagement with them. Additionally, the platform helps customers in making informed decisions by showing customised information relevant to their needs. 

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Label Insight is a cloud-based software that offers a platform for retailers to manage their products in the market and achieve attribute-driven growth across the Consumer Packaged Goods ecosystem. The software enables companies to create growth opportunities while also helping consumers to make more informed purchase decisions. Label Insight is revered for channelling digital innovation and generating high-order attributes for CPG brands and grocery retailers.

Label Insight Features

  • Category Management
  • Retrieve high-order attributes for Category Managers to fuel attribute-driven innovation using Explore+.
  • Validate assumptions using API/FPI for a better understanding of a category and effective management.

  • SmartLabel Solution
  • Simplify conventional attribute data from GDSN to user-friendly attributes and help consumers in finding what they intend to look for.
  • Include off-pack attributes such as additional features that a physical packaging of the product cannot accommodate.

  • Health and Wellness Data
  • Enable customers to maintain product attribution from vendors in a seamless manner consistently.
  • Engage buyers with information and experiences, suiting their needs using the existing data portfolio.

  • Product Discoverability
  • Enhance product discovery with granular and enriched attributes.
  • Help buyers to make informed decisions by defining curated search terms apt for their needs.

  • Collaborative Category
  • Target potential customers effectively by identifying buying behaviours using the granular attribute data.
  • Drive innovation across product, place, promotion, and price by understanding the conversion factors of attributes.

Label Insight Pricing

The company offers tailored Label Insight Pricing scheme for its wide array of products, customised to one’s requirements. A quote for Label Insight Pricing can be requested on the company’s official website.

Label Insight Demo

Label Insight offers a free demo for customers to have a better understanding of its functionalities. One can schedule a demo from the company’s website to get a walk-through of what this software has to offer.


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Label Insight
72 Buyers Negotiating
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Label Insight Reviews


James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Smart and Scalable Technology”

The software eases the work of maintaining a Health & Wellness initiative in a scalable fashion that helps to focus on driving more engagement and enhancing the shoppers’ experience.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 05, 2020

“Easy implementation”

Label Insight ensures a user-friendly and effective implementation of its functionalities, such as search and discovery experience.
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