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Pimcore USP

Primcore has always used a strictly API approach since its very launch. By adopting the PHP based API, Primcore ensures that every single system that is available can be managed and initiation of 3rd party controllers such as CRM and EPM software can be done easily and effectively. Primcore is an internet – driven application that utilizes the PHP programming language and relies on MySQL/MariaDB as its relational database management system. Request Pimcore Pricing to get more information.


Founded in 2009, Primcore is an omnichannel, e – commerce and consumer management software. It is a software company that provides it’s consumers with free and open – source customer experience management  that  works as a connection between the gap that exists between the content produced and the commerce being used. Furthermore, it uses digital asset management, merchandise information supervision and publishing spaces over several different channels to provide its customers with a unique experience when it comes to their marketing campaigns and delivery processes. 

Primcore Features

  • Product Information Management
  • Enables users to collect data from various platforms and bring it all together to construct complicated multi – domain data models
  • Helps the users set a hierarchy and construct for all the master data collected on the basis of their characteristics, descriptions, documentation, etc. 

  • Web Content Management
  • Uses the single – source and multi – channel publishing feature to handle and incorporate all and every bit of data that comprise the master data. 
  • Helps users birth and control numerous output mediums such as the web, mobile, apps, etc., and it can also act as a platform for content – as – a – service (CAAS)

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Enters into pre – established IT formats for transmitting digital assets or for distributing the correct form of data to the correct output channel
  • Permits the constant management, labelling, embellishment and sharing of any amount of digital media assets in any form

  • E-commerce Framework

Used for creating B2B and B2C e – commerce apps in a fast application evolution technique based on APIs.

Primcore Pricing

Primcore is a 100% free open – source that works on a subscription basis. It entails no license cost or Primcore Pricing for enterprises. Primcore’s services can be utilized by both individual users as well as big corporations totally free of cost as long as they have the GNU general Public License (GPLv3). To know more about Primcore Pricing, one can visit their website and request for a query.

Primcore Demo

Primcore offers several demos, totally free of cost, on its official website. It provides tutorials regarding their DAM, MDM/PIM, etc functions. It utilizes a sleek and modern approach to explain to their consumers exactly what features their product offers. 


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Pimcore Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Good MVC Framework”

Pimwork is built on Symphony, one of the most recognized MVC frameworks in the market that hugely aids businesses in building their own app based on PHP with ease and comfort.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Helps Improve Data Quality”

Though updates can sometimes be difficult, it improves the data quality by leaps and bounds and decreases the time the consumer spends on the market.
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