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Schema USP

Schema is a Complex content management tool for creating multilingual content and publishing it on various channels without hassle. The numbers of international companies are already using schema to better the efforts for editorial teams and generating vast content for the audience. Its reuse and other advanced features contribute to maintain and publish the content easily without even know about layout programming. Schema is an automated software to make the trilingual content flow easier.

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Schema is the largest XML CCMS software for flexible content creation, technical documentation as well as journalistic environments. This component content management system allows handling complex documents easily in one place. Schema performs as a strategic advantage for businesses to improve the growth and needs of partnered customers. This can make working easier for multilingual content creation. Moreover, this can help to create publications automatically without programming skills.

Schema Features

  • Content Reuse
  • Allow reusing updated content on multiple channels, and generate, manage and publish complex contents under one roof.
  • Control all variants easily, and configure and compile content automatically

  • Multilingual Support
  • Make content creation easier with multilingual support such as Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc.
  • Suggest several issues and increase the quality of writing and integrate translations into the workflow via XML

  • Professional Publications
  • Allow publishing a single content on multiple social media platforms with different languages
  • Generate content layout automatically and produce flow and frame oriented layouts for complex content

  • Flexible Model
  • Give higher flexibility for programming and non-programing to content creation teams, and full integration of MS-Word as Editor
  • Make authorizing, editing and content creation tasks easy, and cover up all functions for the editorial team to generate automated layouts even employers do not know programming

Schema Pricing

Schema software vendors have not shared any information regarding its price and hence  Schema Pricing is currently not available. Contact the service provider or Schema company directly to get better knowledge about Schema Pricing.

Schema Demo

For beginners and experts, Schema gives free-content to downloads, training, hosting and newsletter services so the user can grab the best out of the software by understanding all the functionalities and features of the scheme software.


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Schema Reviews


Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 05, 2020

“Versatile Content Management Tools”

Schema is well-suited software to generate high-quality technical content where reuse and converting into multiple languages is easier.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Fully Supported Software”

Schema is ideal software that gives full control over the content layout to its output. Moreover, it generates robust translation features that make work extensive and standardize.
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