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MeisterTask USP

MeisterTask Product Management Software is cloud-based which ensures the security of the information and makes it accessible anytime from anywhere. It allows for remote working as it runs directly on the web-browser. MeisterTask’s predefined workflows promote efficiency and collaboration while customized workflows cater to specific business needs. MeisterTask’s built-in time tracking help establishes accountability in the team and avoids distractions. Request MeisterTask Pricing to get more information.


MeisterTask Product Management Software is a task management tool for teams- it is designed to help individuals or teams organize and manage tasks in a tailor-made way. MeisterTask supports teams in keeping track of the list of to-dos or tasks from assignment to completion. It allows users to create, group, and assign tasks thus keeping a tab on the project’s progress.

MeisterTask Pricing

MeisterTask Pricing starts at $4.19 per month. For simple tasks, it offers a Basic version for free. The MeisterTask Pricing plans are-

  • Basic - Free
  • Pro- $4.19 per month
  • Business- $10.39 per month
  • Enterprise- Custom

MeisterTask Demo

MeisterTask Product Management Software organizes a ‘MeisterTask Introduction’ webinar every alternate week. The interested users can register for the webinar for free and ask any questions about the tool in the follow-up Q&A session. 


Easy-to-use platform

  • Operates seamlessly with an intuitive user interface with easy to access features 
  • Minimizes the learning curve, does not require extensive training to start working on it

Customizable and tailored

  • Offers customization of the essential features thus reducing clutter on the interface
  • Includes time tracking, automation, project access rights, etc.


  • Desirable for team task management and MeisterTask has Kanban-style boards 
  • Assists in easy task management and gives a glance of the project’s progress


  • Provides glance of each members tasks and notifies of the new and completed tasks
  • Generates reports and statistics to get insights into the team’s productivity 

Web-based and mobile

  • Suitable for remote teams with access to internet 
  • Keeps the teams updated with MeisterTask's free task management application


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MeisterTask Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Helps in meeting deadlines”

A larger project involves a bigger team which makes it difficult to keep track of everyone’s progress. MeisterTask allows for easy project management by ensuring nothing is missed from the to-do list and all deadlines are being met.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 04, 2020

“Kanban-style project boards”

Kanban is the most visual way to engage with tasks and it involves creating a project, populating it with a to-dos list and moving it through the workflow. MeisterTask’s Kanban-based task managers allow for workflow visualization and automation.
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