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Backlog USP

Backlog Product Management Software is a product or software which is created by Nulab Inc. that helps developers, teams track bugs and project managers, manage projects, and collaborate together all in one place. It has its own unique selling points which collaborate its features such as separation of each project, find the task faster, and the user can collaborate in the planning of the project. Backlog Product Management Software provides each user to view their list of tasks to be completed.

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Backlog Product Management Software is a project management and collaboration tool for teams that want greater visibility, higher productivity, and simple project tracking. Development teams can work together with Marketing, Design, and more to release high-quality projects, faster. Reach the user business goals with features that help the user: - Get everyone on track. Organize user work and teammates with projects and tasks. Backlog creates collaboratively edited web pages to refer to common questions and instructions. It also allows bug tracking to keep user projects running smoothly. Creating Gantt charts helps users track work as it is being completed against their project plan.

Backlog Pricing

Based on your business requirements, Backlog Pricing plans can cost from ₹2600 per month to ₹13100 per month.
Below are few
Backlog pricing segments-

  • Starter - ₹2600/month for 30 users.
  • Standard -₹7500/month for unlimited users.
  • Premium- ₹13100/month for unlimited users.

Backlog Demo

Backlog Product Management Software provides free demo for all its versions with the software or on the website in the form of illustrations and videos to acquaint the users with all its functionalities.


  • Backlog Measures the amount of work done by an employee which can be handled in a spirit.
  • It provides a Kanban Board to visualize the employee task.

Gantt Charts

  • Automatically generate and update Gantt charts to help the user track work as it is being completed against their project plan.

Bug Reporting
  • Give user reports and leave general performance feedback.
  • Give tester in-app reports and leave general performance feedback.
  • Give team members a method of reports and leave comments on bug status. 

Workflow Management
  • Track the amount of time that how much time is taken to complete the task.
  • Measures of tasks within a production workflow.
  • Measures the cost of tasks and enables users to allocate budget to different projects.


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Backlog Reviews


James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Tracking Software Projects”

Backlog has many features that are very helpful and make it a fundamental software for the user work.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Project Management Platform”

Backlog provides the user on the dashboard, whose expiring date is nearer and highlighted with the due date for all created and assigned items. Backlog also provides notification alerts within the application for the user''s awareness.
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