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Pivotal Tracker
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Pivotal Tracker USP

It presents priorities in a transparent team view so that the entire team knows what has to be done, what is already being done, and the expected time when it will be completed. Tracker helps teams keep a sustainable pace and adjust the course in case of unexpected events so that the team can deliver earlier and more consistently.

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It is a robust project management tool that assists software development teams to form realistic expectations about the completion of a project based on the team’s ongoing performance.

Pivotal Tracker Pricing

Pricing starts at $12.50 per month for annual payments. It offers a free 30-day trial for up to three teams Startup and Pro version. 
pricing for different versions is given below-

  • Startup- Pricing ranges from $12.50 per month to $29.17 per month when paid annually
  • Pro- Pricing ranges from $62.50 per month to $250 per month when paid annually
  • Enterprise- Custom pricing

Pivotal Tracker Demo

It has short and crisp video demos to help users getting to know the tool. It also has several articles to let users delve deeper into the workings of the Tracker. Its pre-recorded webinar on “Intro to Tracker'' includes a guided tour of the software.



Define projects with Stories

  • Visualizes projects in the form of stories moving through the workflow, encouraging teams to break down projects into a small, actionable piece of work 
  • Estimate the complexity of the story as a team, choose among several point scales and then prioritize

Automatic Planning

  • Calculates team’s velocity based on the average number of story points completed in recent iterations, thus predicting the team’s future performance
  • Promote consistency and steady progress that lets the teamwork in a rhythmic way

Sets up workspaces

  • Arranges projects side by side using multi-project workspaces to give an accessible view of your entire work
  • Integrated work done across multiple teams and keep it under My Work panel

Powerful Analytics

  • Assess the health of the project by analyzing broad trends and minute details of the project
  • Presents the team’s performance at a glance through visual representations. Get details of the required reports so as to obtain specific data or eliminate hindrances


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Pivotal Tracker
82 Buyers Negotiating
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Pivotal Tracker Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Team transparency at a glance”

Pivotal Tracker keeps the teams organized by defining priorities. It provides a real-time view of the team’s work thus giving transparency.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Adaptive tools”

Pivotal Tracker help break down tasks into manageable chunks thus helping prioritize projects and drive the team to deliver.
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