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Product Roadmap
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Product Roadmap USP

It helps strategize the ideas following the business’ strategy and deliver roadmap transparency. It makes it easier to collate different ideas from across the organization and eliminate duplication.The software assures that everyone has access to the roadmap at all times to share and view the information. It provides clear and transparent scoring for candidates to ensure accountability and establish priority. It makes sure that there is an effective flow of communication and provide for comments and email notifications

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The software is well suited to the needs of small to medium-sized organizations. The software makes it easier for product managers to monitor the product lifecycle. It allows for easy collection of ideas and signals, administering of candidates and initiatives, making prioritization process transparent, creating multiple roadmaps for internal and external consumption, and reviewing statistics on idea flow.

Product Roadmap Pricing

The pricing is based on per product manager basis. Product Managers pay a per-user price and other users are free along with it. The Pricing starts at $25.00 per month. It does not provide for a free trial or free version of the product. 


Product Roadmap Demo

The Software provides a free live demo on its website that has several illustrations to help discover the platform and demonstrating its various features. 


Product Ideas

  • Collect and manage as many opportunities and problem (called signals) present in the market
  • Collect data with the easy chat styles and present statistics on signal flow

Signal Validation

  • Trace initial requestors by creating candidates from multiple signals
  • Allocate score to candidates as per business’ objective and view each one’s progress thus ensuring transparency

Product Roadmap

  • Use initiative lists and drafts to create multiple roadmaps and share them with others
  • Present roadmap in an intuitive way to give perspective to clients 


  • Take full control over the work via product manager dashboard
  • Keep track of all ideas and signals and the value created for the organization

User Engagement

  • Personalized dashboards for signal creators for them to visualize the value generation and compare peer performance
  • Seek qualitative and quantitative feedback to engage the stakeholders


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Product Roadmap
62 Buyers Negotiating
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Product Roadmap Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Simplified and Intuitive”

Product Roadmap is not cluttered with irrelevant features and functionalities, rather it offers the most essential features thus making it simple and seamless.
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James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Works well for small and medium-sized enterprises”

Product Roadmap comes in handy for small as well as medium-sized organizations that are not willing to integrate with other complex platforms. Its affordability is another reason that makes it popular among SMEs.
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