Best Productivity Software

The efficiency of an employee or performance of the employees signifies the system that measures the output of an individual or group of individuals. The best productivity software increases performance by making it easier for the supervisor to encourage jobs for the workforce. Businesses perform their activities by digital means in the paperless environment, and it occurs via productivity management software. One can conveniently build, change, store and share with the best productivity software such as MS Word. The dynamic mechanism associated with traditional processes is typically streamlined thus fostering efficiency and eliminating excessive time usage.

Best Productivity Software in 2021

  1. Google Docs
  2. Office 365
  3. Todoist
  4. LibreOffice
  5. Workplace from Facebook
  6. Bitrix24
  7. Samepage
  8. WPS Office
  9. MeisterTask
  10. Backlog

With Google Docs, wherever people go, they can read, update and interact. Using clever formatting and editing software, Google Docs documents help users quickly format texts and sentences. Offers a wide range of applications, surveys, and other pre-installed files, all intended to make it much simpler to work. But when there is no connectivity, it helps everyone to view, build, and update the files anywhere they go from any phone, tablet, or desktop. With Google Docs, anyone may concurrently work on the same project together. Read More

Office 365 is among Microsoft's best brands, providing the best efficiency-boosting application. Users have access to both the desktop and smartphone applications they would like to operate on with an Office 365 membership.   There is a huge variety of tools to pick and improve efficiency from Microsoft spreadsheet, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and SharePoint. Users have the new Workplace software, both the computer and the digital edition, including updates as they occur, with an Office 365 membership. When users interact or communicate, OneDrive makes the work they do open from everywhere. Read More

Todoist is one of today's quite successful to-do software in the market. It comes filled with excellent features to help maximise efficiency as well as coordinate projects and set deadlines for assignments. The variety of applications and extensions for notebooks, desktops, handheld devices, emails, and search engines makes Todoist so successful. The platform is a comfortable creator of the workplace environment, where users can comfortably bring up work and concentrate on the right things. If it's a company initiative or a shopping list, Todoist lets everyone overcome and finish the tasks on schedule. Read More

LibreOffice is a versatile office suite that lets everyone unlock the talent that increases the chances of success with its simple interface and feature-rich software. LibreOffice features many solutions that make it the market's most popular Free and Open Source productivity tool. Thanks to its strong styling scheme and structuring software, LibreOffice makes the work look fantastic when you concentrate on the text. A broad variety of file types, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher, are compliant with LibreOffice. But with its indigenous support for the new and transparent design, the Open Document Format (ODF), LibreOffice goes a lot further. With its strong extension features, LibreOffice is simple to modify. Read More

Workplace by Facebook ties anyone in an organisation, using common Facebook functions such as talk, video calls, articles and communities. It combines with the business instruments people are using and provides individuals with an easy, healthy and more efficient way of exchanging information, collaborating together and creating interconnected groups. Workplace is also known as social networking for work. It is very easy to use around the business and it is possible to add multiple teammates for any job to be delegated to them. To transfer on the crucial details, the workplace updates can be guided to all teammates and conversations on the subject can be carried out using the comment page, much like the Facebook section. Team activities can also be posted online on the website along with many other accessible Facebook features, such as message, etc. Read More

Bitrix24 is leading free and best productivity management software used globally by almost two million enterprises. More than thirty applications in one platform such as project preparation, role scheduling, staff interaction time monitoring, business management, email messaging, Gantt charts, interactive workstations, workplaces, collaborative networking, and much more. Bitrix24 attempts to provide a realistic approach for the online management of a company. There are versatile and reliable tools to tackle each procedure from clock-in at the beginning of the day to assignments, handling transactions, and ending with documentation. Read More

Samepage changes the way corporate departments interact. Find in one location all the documents, assignments, messages and common information of the team. Build a page within minutes, then immediately link and collaborate. Simple and productive, Samepage makes it easier to get things finished. Built-in file sharing and synchronization ensures that the content moves with you from Folder, online storage, to Samepage. Through this app, the user will have an all-in-one office suite that allows having an understanding of tasks and meetings in full detail. The dedicated team can collaborate on the same project quickly, and it also has chat features, since the entire remote team operates in one location. Using Samepage, the user is able to discover infinite technological possibilities. Read More

WPS Office is file sharing and productivity management software developed to support organisations of all sizes build, update, and exchange customers or group members with reports, papers, and spreadsheet applications. It includes a PDF editing that helps participants to translate documents from Microsoft Word to Pdfs, add notes, compress file format, erase watermarks, and much more. Cloud services, seamless replication, design collection, filtering, file restoration or maintenance, multi-language support, and more are capabilities of WPS Office. Managers can automatically perform deep data scanning and retrieve essentially destroyed records, like photos, audio files, and video clips, using WPS data retrieval wizard. Read More

MeisterTask is a digital platform available for the project and team coordination that enables users to create campaign dashboards, communicate with team members and work in real-time collectively. A summary of all tasks and updates is provided by the MeisterTask app. Users are able to create an infinite number of tasks and allow everyone to collaborate together through email. It also has customised project visualisations that enable users to build parts of the project as per their requirements. Read More

Backlog is an integrated all-in-one platform devoted to the unusual mix of task and file management for teams working in software creation. With one application, it integrates project monitoring and development resources, as well as a strong bug reporting mechanism that quickly describes and organises recorded problems for the developer teams to pursue. The basic but efficient framework of Backlog can be implemented easily by anyone. Making communicating simpler with Backlog, a platform for team sharing that helps everyone to coordinate, analyse, and monitor work from one location. Read More

Market Overview

Productivity software is an application or system that promotes day-to-day activities. This platform provides enterprise customers with a broad variety of tools, such as relational databases, visualization technology, spreadsheet apps, and word processors. It is anticipated that growing cloud-based subscription usage would strengthen the industry. To boost the industry, developments in data mining and data engineering are expected. The big restricting factor which is supposed to impede the growth of the industry is connectivity. However, during the projected timeframe, the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) development to maximise employee productivity in the company is anticipated to augment the industry.

The rising need to handle business processes and company activities to accelerate growth, the increasingly growing development in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the key drivers of industry growth. In addition, the rising acceptance of cloud computing in business operations and the growing introduction of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), business connectivity, and smartphones to extend the mobile experience would raise the need for software.

Company efficiency is the capacity of an enterprise to effectively implement an organisation's overall strategies. In addition, an organisation's efficiency is closely linked to the employee's productivity. For any part of the enterprise, the productivity management software promotes and incorporates all data as well as methodologies. It also plays a crucial role in supporting workers, employers, consumers, manufacturers, and sellers with the partnership.

One of any company's most popular and constant endeavours is to optimise its efficiency and increase the profit produced per resource unit used. Techniques for process development, such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, etc., are now business standards. Using the best productivity management software that helps track and control operations by gathering process data, tracking anomalies, increasing alerts, and providing predictive analysis capability to avoid process errors, these strategies are facilitated.

Productivity includes different vertical industries such as IT and telecommunications, BFSI, hospitality, banking, construction, media and advertising, and many others. Business growth is projected to be driven by increasing demand for productivity solutions across businesses such as BFSI, IT and telecommunications, retail and healthcare across the developing and emerging economies. The expanded use of productivity solutions to control and monitor job processes will help drive faster recoveries, resource performance, decreased costs, and faster processes across several market segments of the industry.

In recent years, firms have been supplying their customers with new services, product changes and more customised experience. Nevertheless, in the presence of increasingly competitive customers, businesses are caught up in growing demands to offer new and quicker solutions and services. Employees spend large portions of their day in companies worldwide on low-value jobs that demand minimal human creativity and poor performance. The lack of worker participation has made the reduction of productivity even more painful for businesses. Technology for productivity control depends on the influence of software to speed up operations and decrease workers' mundane tasks and encourage productivity.

In organisations of diverse types, the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced operation and team coordination. Growing adoption by different organisations of work from home initiatives and the desire to handle their staff remotely has raised the need for remote work management. The need for digitization has grown enormously due to remote job control. In helping staff and organisations to achieve process consistency, best productivity solutions has been crucial. Productivity software from Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Slack, and Zoom has proven to be highly beneficial for companies to manage workflow and maximise corporate productivity.

The highest market share in 2019 was observed by the content management and collaboration segment. Communications, project and job management, file transfer, and management, amongst others, are part of the section. Data management and teamwork tools make it more open and easier to collaborate together on technical projects and decrease the gap between acceptance and input procedures. The solution makes it simpler to get the job completed by trying to bring meaning, quality, and communication services to encourage the segment's growth in a centralized location.

The Automation and data analysis category is expected to grow from 2020 to 2027 at the fastest CAGR. Applications using AI, deep learning, mathematical equations, and techniques for data mining are included in the category. This software analyses current data in detail to detect trends in past events and helps the enterprise turn knowledge into strategic perspectives and optimise the organisation's productivity. The development of the category of AI and data analytics can be due to the greater implementation of different risk analytics tools for risk reduction and risk detection initiatives.

The productivity software which is cloud-based includes operational mobility, online communication, efficient and efficient data management, and quick and immediate accessibility to files and records. There is enormous information at the hands for data-driven market organisations. The cloud-based platform allows the corporation to control and manipulate the data efficiently. In addition, the growth of the segment would be powered by a growing demand for protected and sensitive data.

The on-site implementation of best productivity software has a substantial amount of market share which is due to the on-site deployment of productivity software by major companies. At the initial level, the expense of an on-site system will be very high, but it has the advantage of reduced running costs in the longer run. In addition, security issues for companies in cloud computing accelerate segment development.


This section identifies the software providers based on two different parameters: product maturity and company maturity. Product maturity includes parameters such as product portfolio, set of features and functionality, support and services provided, applications and licensing type. Company maturity includes parameters such as regional reach and geographies covered, industries catered, end-users, partner network and source of revenue.


Productivity software providers in this category are Google Docs, Office 365, Workplace by Facebook, Coda, Todoist, LibreOffice, Zoho Projects.


Productivity Software providers in this category are WPS Office, MeisterTask, Backlog and To-Do.


Productivity Software providers in this category are Bitrix24, Apache OpenOffice, Ticktick and ProWritingAid.


Productivity Software providers in this category are Dynalist, Samepage, Onlyoffice and TextExpander.

Why Do Businesses Need Productivity Software?

The backbone of every company is its efficiency since it makes day-to-day activities very simple. Around 3⁄4 of middle-skilled firms today use automation for company competitiveness. If there were no business & efficiency tools available, visualize building a chart of information. Productivity Software can aid with certain activities, such as spreadsheet apps.

With aid of productivity software, users can even get professional-quality papers, reports & visuals. For improved visual impact, users have Microsoft Word to produce raw content, and spreadsheet applications to construct charts and graphs. With the graphics application, users can even build logos and other visual features. Then, to summarise what users want to say about the project or company, people should throw it all into a presentation. It is also possible to combine different efficiency methods with one another.

How does Productivity software work?

Best Productivity software, firstly, refers to a wide set of instruments that cannot be placed into one framework. While most productivity management software, such as MS Office, Google Docs, Open Office, Zoho provides a multitude of productivity management software that makes it possible for all companies to profit comprehensively. The job of productivity software begins with arranging the files, updating them with photos and videos, building records, sending messages, making business cards, and so on.

The app is an improved and user-friendly edition of powerful methods that were once used only by specialized practitioners. Within the press of a few keys, though, the advent of technology has done everything.

Types of Productivity Software

Vendors of such software provide tools/applications that help enterprises to develop and maintain eloquent datasets and build and process records, papers, worksheets, graphs, and advanced files. The concept is also expanded to include teamwork and networking initiatives, or simply to include any activity that can make an organisation more successful in the operation of its everyday operations.

The function of the software is to encourage challenging tasks, such as the translation of data-packed worksheets into analytical maps, but the initial task of data creation is also handled. It is typically accessible as a desktop/smartphone app or a web application, and while many consumers suggest that web application is stronger in terms of functionality and execution, which will suggest that desktop apps are actually a more stable alternative with all their bells and whistles. Making a choice between the two depends entirely on the criteria for features, so it will help to look at a simple Microsoft Office-like collections of applications:

Word Processors: Word Processors are built-in/completely separate applications that create, modify, arrange, and edit relevant information and, if required, are often used to upload and print documents. Most frequently, they have additional features such as word limit functionality, bookmark modifying, integrated text extraction from other directories, exponent addition, auto-backup development, and so on.

Spreadsheets: Spreadsheets are used to coordinate both text and numerical data, thus promoting process estimation and sophisticated calculations used for complicated statistical/accounting calculations.

Presentations and slideshows: Such productivity software are used in a series to display various documents, which means that they can help everyone express the ideas visually, irrespective of whether they plan to use them on a computer or an internet browser.

Information management: These systems' computing capacity is such that they preserve information in a highly ordered manner and may de-fragment it into tiny sections than can be individually edited. For customized information, the feature is only removed, mostly due to its classification, prioritisation, and filtering abilities.

Desktop Editing Applications: Software often has an artistic dimension that can be used both openly and co-ordinately to modify and exploit images. Desktop printing, animation, and presentation development applications improve the image of a document and create journals, textbooks, magazines, and leaflets of professional-quality information. Pictorial presentations are used, based on the need, to either produce artistic graphics or quantitative visuals. Applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio, etc., can also be exploited by certain graphical applications.

Algorithms & Formula Editors: Such techniques are either included in the application's core capabilities or are built as stand-alone add-ons. Their purpose is to express mathematics and to render basic calculations, and they are most commonly used to use text to write mathematical equations.

Contact management: To keep an eye on the connections and link to their communications to retrieve and summarise valuable details, best productivity software is often required. Users can see schedules, arranging tables, and job-monitoring systems very frequently, and they will all be incorporated with the remainder of the system to enable the material to be delivered to the right spot.

Internal organisers: This is one of the functionalities that has been purposely created for smartphone use, as it helps people to make their own schedules, turn events into configurable activities, and maintain up-to-date job details. The add-on is most frequently coordinated with the contact management system so that members can share related data with other stakeholders.

Project management: Productivity software are required to handle assignments in combination with the planning and handling of personal activities, particularly large-scale assignments where many individuals need to be supervised.

Integrated Optimization Applications: Integrated software solutions incorporate multiple application programs' requirements into one software platform. The benefits of using advanced business & productivity tools is that in only one programme, the user gets every important tool.

Productivity solutions are built to work together so that files generated in various areas of the integrated programme can quickly be shared by a customer. To use this integrated framework, the user doesn't have to study any new languages because the software's interface is incredibly basic. Any of the most popular tech resources for integrated efficiency are Microsoft Office.

Document Management System: A new method of handling, preserving and recording records within an entity is a document management solution or DMS. In a single website, organisations can store and maintain their records. Online content processing programme provides safe login access to encrypted records online at any time. This tends to retain multiple copies of a text as well. With all important documentation at your hands, the document management system is an easy way to increase efficiency.

Key Features

  1. Subtasks - To help to break huge activities into smaller tasks to make it easier for users to operate
  2. Flags - Flags can help to make it faster and more useful to scan
  3. Offline access - Even if not linked to the internet, users can keep working
  4. Platform Support - All major platforms are supported, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile, iOS, and Android
  5. Quick action points - To keep the job more effective, easily add action data points
  6. Interactive GUI - This makes the software easy to understand and use.  
  7. Keyboard Shortcuts - Keyboard keys help users conserve energy and complete activities more quickly.
  8. Calendar synchronisation - Users can stay up to date with the obligations and targets
  9. Task assignments - The best team members should be quickly allocated tasks
  10. Reminders - These assure that users should not skip any targets and complete all assignments on schedule.

Latest Trends

Major corporations will see emerging efficiency trends as people step through a new period, which will change how business can look. Several trends are listed below:

Artificial intelligence - AI, whether mobile or not, would be one of the main aspects that will change workplace efficiency. As artificial intelligence advances and this intelligence is processed by improved AI, expect to see efficiency soar as routine activities are processed more and more repetitively.

Working remotely - The COVID-19 outbreak has shown that companies could not only sustain but even prosper in a quarantine situation. Since employers will save up to $11,000 a year with each remote employee, the new trend would be remote jobs or working from home. To promote the development of a collaborative working environment, expect further innovations in this area, including advancements in networking.

Potential Issues

There are different challenges that hinder efficiency everywhere the worker works. There are a few here:

Bad management - Bad management of staff or contradictory orders is one of the main sources of bad efficiency at work. Efficiency will naturally take a dive as workers waste more time trying to impress their bosses instead of functioning.

Working Conditions - Bad working conditions will wear workers out-lack of ventilation, loud noises, and unpleasant heating and cooling.

Badly designed office layout - It should be as simple and convenient as possible to navigate the workplace. Locating a document or even something as easy as a pencil should not take enough time.

Communication problems - Contact problems, including poor management, discourage employees from working effectively with each other. Users'll just wind up being unproductive if users can't find out the easiest and shortest way to do the job.

Benefits of Productivity Software

Enhanced employee Efficiency - The standard of work improves with the touch of a button as group members can monitor the progress of a project using the software. They will monitor the schedule of others, exchange details on multiple tasks and connect without any constraints. The workers will simplify repetitive duties and increase their overall efficiency. Better quality of the goods results in happier consumers and higher profits.

Customer Satisfaction - With more sales, a satisfied customer would probably return. That is why making a client happy is really necessary. Customer loyalty can be assured through the implementation of software. It can be extremely lucrative for the company when users build a positive customer relationship with the aid of a CRM tool.

Effective integration - This means using the best productivity software for better business. It causes confusion as multiple organisations are using multiple computing systems. Employees should strive to improve their productivity and efficiency in an organised way. The integration allows data to be processed in a single location from multiple sources. This causes details, rather than several locations, to be accessible at a single location. Better connectivity encourages customers to see the appropriate data that continues to build the business.

Enhances Productivity - When users have an effective system to manage the enterprise, performance is expected to increase. Users will maximise the assignments and meet the long-term and short-term targets on schedule with the aid of different efficiency resources.

Everybody Keeps Posted - Productivity software systems help users share updates while they are linked to a network. It is available for analysis from everyone on the team until a piece of information is submitted. To the employees of the company, every role is noticeable. There's no reason for them to hassle others with queries. Users will be able to scan the site immediately. This also saves a lot of time so they wouldn't have to rely on another individual.

Easy recruiting and training - It costs time and money to add a new employee. The performance of the current employee is influenced by the processes and preparation of new hires. It delays their whole job fulfilment time. It ensures less disruption for current team members because project knowledge is convenient and coordinated. In the management method itself, the new participant will search into business processes and associated queries.

How to choose the productivity software?

Seeking the productivity software should be focused on what you use. If people only need a word processor or need both an excel sheet and a word processor. It will relieve the day-to-day duties until users learn its features. Make sure to check for the specified factors before purchasing the software:

Fix the Objective

Any organization has various needs. Make sure that you pick the kind of software that is best for the business. Starting to figure out the company's target and then buying apps is the way to go. Users may not have to pay for that product if the company does not need email marketing software, because they can spend the money on the software the company wants.

Ease of Use

Most technical applications for efficiency monitoring are easy to use, but make sure you are able to quickly grasp and run the device until it is integrated within the framework. Any device functionality that is unable to use efficiently would waste time as well as effort.

Vendor Support System

A trustworthy supplier network is a must for any company to use continuous productivity management software. If users find some tech issue, they would need a provider service executive to address it. Be sure the retailer has a successful after-sales programme because it will take a big hit on the company to postpone solving the problem.

Ask for a Free Demo

Make sure to ask the manufacturer about each functionality before purchasing the software. Often, inquire for the demonstration online. This will help better understand the programme and enable to make a confident decision.

Factors to be considered while choosing the productivity software

Users can find a huge range of productivity software with various payment costs via a quick online search. Although some provide a full suite of resources, some consist of stand-alone applications primarily designed by niche companies. It is also important to use the brains before spending in any applications for productivity.

Business Type - Please ensure to review all the functionality of the software before going for digital tools, and prepare a note of how much users need them. For starters, people can purchase a separate Photoshop or Corel drawing app if the company relies solely on drawing. Similarly, if they think the organisation is going to do better with data processing, word processing, spreadsheets, functionality of data management, then they might invest in a total efficiency management software kit.

ROI - Every expense has a return on investments. If people invest in utilities or goods now, it will help them someday soon. The investment, though, absolutely depends on the time period of the anticipated return. If you are a small enterprise, and you allocate more than the earnings, so it will contribute to counter-productivity. In the meantime, if users find the company is incomplete because of productivity challenges, then they should try multiple free options of productivity management software (even if they do not have any of the functionality).

Price - Ensure users don't overpay by upgrading to a paid tier with productivity software. Users can find plenty of applications which provide similar capabilities at a reasonable price. Good pricing also means excellent customer service, so execute in-depth tech testing better.

Best Productivity Software

Comparing 86 vendors in Productivity Software across 87 criteria.
All vendors(30)

Google Doc application is useful for anyone who has access to a Google account. It has a range of preloaded templates for business communication which helps to write documents from scratch. It also helps the users to use their storage facility for future use.

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With the software, users will get access to other applications such as Outlook, Excel, and many more. You will get access to 1 TB of online storage. Moreover, what makes it more accessible is that you can have the software on PCs or mobile. Regular updates within 90 days are available.

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The USP of the Workplace by Facebook is its team communication feature. It is a great tool when it comes to creating profiles, connecting with others via instant messaging, group making of individuals who share similar interests. For companies, the application works as a central communication hub for both staff and the managers.
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The main USP of Coda is it consists of auto import and supports a large number of applications. It brings all the data from different sources into one platform. With Coda, the users can work in a shared network more efficiently while also having the option of customization.

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The main USP of Todoist is it supports a variety of applications, websites and even it has APIs to integrate with 3rd party apps and sites. It also provides a shared network to work in groups. Moreover, it is a cloud-based tool and can be accessed on any device.

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Anyone can use the LibreOffice application since it is free over the internet. To understand its features, there are websites and online help available the benefits of using this application. LibreOffice is compatible with other office productivity suites

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The main USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of Zoho Projects in Productivity Software is its advanced project and task management solutions. Zoho Projects offers a comprehensive set of tools for organizations, teams, and individual users to plan, collaborate, and execute projects with ease. The application also allows organizations to track the progress of projects, assign tasks and prioritize tasks with built-in project management capabilities such as Scrum, Gantt Charts, and task-level tracking. Additionally, the app also provides its users the ability to customize the reports, dashboards and other features to calculate team productivity and performance. With its customizable features, it allows users to manage multiple projects and review progress from anywhere.
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ProWritingAid productivity software stands out from the rest as it automatically detects and corrects wrong sentences while also offering plenty of options for its improvements. It also comes with a built-in thesaurus and word explorer that makes it easy to write online with the software. ProWritingAid makes it easy to track common mistakes and improve writing quality in real-time. 

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Bitrix24' USP is its automated feature which helps in managing small businesses and startups to the best. Also, the software is both suitable for web-based applications as well as mobile-based applications which will work on iPhones and iPads.

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The main USP of the WPS Office is the creation of high-quality documents with the addition of the formatting tools across different devices, including laptops and mobile devices. It is highly customizable and offers different pricing plans as per the need and requirement. It provides encrypted security and privacy to all the documents.

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For managing projects seamlessly, TickTick productivity software can be considered as the best choice that supports multiple users to work on it. Both personal and work-related templates are available that offer better help in creating checklists. Also, easy sharing options help assign the task quickly. The latest features offer a better user experience.
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The main USP of the Apache OpenOffice is the creation of high-quality documents with the addition of the formatting tools across by everyone as it is the most reputed open-source software for managing the documentation.  It is highly customizable and offers different pricing plans as per the need and requirement. It provides encrypted security and privacy to all the documents while sharing and editing.

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The main USP of Backlog is that it has the option to track the errors and the history of the bugs. You can assign different tasks to different members and can track their progress individually. It provides charts and gives a brief idea about the status of the work.

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MeisterTask productivity software is a cloud-based task management solution for companies for all sizes. It includes features like file management, time tracking, and reporting. It offers a dashboard that helps the users to view current activities and active projects. It provides an online mind-mapping application that allows users to create project plans and collaborate with teammates.
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To-Do productivity software is an organizer to organize and plan the work to be done. It can also help in remembering deadlines with reminders and due dates. Users can prioritize their work with different priority levels. It can give confidence to the users that everything is organized and planned, and you can make progress on the essential things.
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One of the key USPs of ONLYOFFICE productivity software is that it comes with the whole office package. In other words, it can handle an array of document formats, presentations and spreadsheets. It also enables the user to organize a secure remote workplace with multi productivity tools and online editors. Users make and answer calls directly from CRM.

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The main USP of Dynalist productivity software is a collection of collaboration and organizing tools. It is a powerful tool for agencies and enterprises that need to organize their data properly. It is easy to use the application and manage the multiple tasks at a time.
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Samepage productvity software is a web-conferencing and productivity software that is designed to enable team, consultants, customers, partners and vendors in working together smoothly and efficiently. You can combine files, tasks, calendars, maps, videos and team conversations on one page. Multiple pages can be edited while chatting simultaneously with excellent video quality.

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Anyone can use this TextExpander application since it is free over the internet. To understand its features, there are videos, knowledgebase, teams and public groups available. TextExpander is compatible with different platforms like Windows, macOS, and iOS.

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The main USP of the Achieved productivity software is its focus on transparency and alignment of tasks, which works on all the devices, including laptops and mobile devices. It is highly customizable and offers different pricing plans as per the need and requirement. It provides the utmost security and privacy to its users.
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The main USP of the Actioned productivity software is its fully-featured dashboard which helps in maintaining the daily roster of events and actions into a classified technique. It is highly customizable and offers different pricing plans as per the need and requirement. It provides a lot of security and provides the best user experience.

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The main USP of ActivTrak Productivity Software is that it supports different devices, and a user does not have to change their device to use it. It helps the employer to ensure that staff is using the IT services efficiently for the work provided to them. An employer can check the features of a demo version and if found suitable can go for advanced version or ActivTrak pricing.
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There will be no irritating notifications from the side of Airborn productivity software. You need to enable Web Notifications to get notifications regarding any update. While sharing the documents, Airborn team will not be able to open it. Therefore, you can trust Airborn in terms of privacy and safety of your files.
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The major USP of ASAP Utilities for Excel productivity software is its ability to perform multiple functions at once to save time, which allows the user to sort things based on any parameter and gives them the power to create complex and lengthy projects with ease. And the flexibility offered to the users to customize the features as per need. 

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With beeple productivity software, you can easily manage your employees starting from hiring to their payments. Staff can access the online portal for any information. Beeple is all in one tool for staff management. Software is available as a mobile app also. The company will take care of the upgrade so that you will get all the information on time.
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BlueOptima productivity software tracks precisely the development of software, offering timely observations that drive higher quality releases and faster marketing time. BlueOptima's additional optimization and recruiting offerings enable organizations to cost-optimized software initiatives as soon as possible. It's tailor-made SaaS platform enables efficiency insight, consistency in the production of business software in terms of people, groups, activities, and outsourced suppliers.

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The main USP of Brief Productivity Software is its managing, tracking, and tracing methods of tasks, communications, and projects. It is a great tool to connect every team member to share the data easily and conveniently. It can track the tasks until it gets complete. Cloud storage with it can store unlimited data. 

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Capriza USP includes the ease of access and the flexibility of the platform. It blends in with all major business applications and simplifies the process of approvals easily. The various other features, like Dynamic analytics and WorkSimple mobile apps, make it a complete value for money.

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The USP of ClipClip productivity software is that it offers all-in-one software to save, edit and share clips. With easy GUI and Windows-like functionality, the software is heaven to all users. And as it’s free software, there are no ClipClip pricing plans. Integrations such as cloud storage and working across devices make it a perfect choice for user's struggling to find a way to manage their clips.

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The main USP of the Clockwise productivity software is its time management feature which helps the user to be on time. It mainly focuses on delivering high-quality maintenance and using applications for customers with time slots. It is highly customizable and offers different pricing plans as per the need and requirement. It provides the utmost security and privacy to its users.
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