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Easy Projects
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Easy Projects USP

Easy Projects is a web and cloud-based best project management software that allows both small businesses and large enterprises to schedule, implement and monitor projects in an efficient manner. It aids businesses in the effective usage of their time and resources by proactively analysing for risks and maximising team performance. It includes a comprehensive set of tools that supports a project from start to finish Request Easy Projects Pricing to get more information.


Easy Projects is a powerful software that aids businesses in optimizing their project management techniques and strategies. It allows businesses to stay perpetually updated on their project pipelines, utilize resources efficiently and cost-effectively, alleviate risks and maximize profitability. Easy Projects helps professional service teams to automate complex workflows, monitor progress and implement cost and resource utilization strategies that result in the highest throughput.

Easy Projects Pricing

Based on the requirements, clients can opt for Easy Projects pricing plans that start from $24 per user per month. They are categorised into two plans: Team and Enterprise. The basic version being the Team package. Easy Projects pricing offers special Team and Enterprise packages for professional services that come with additional features.

Easy Projects Demo

Easy Projects offers free demos to clients when requested. They also offer in-person and live online training in the form of webinars to clients willing to better acquaint themselves with the software. Clients looking to explore the interface can opt for a free trial version.

Easy Projects Features 

Project Planning: Create and apply project templates that can be used across multiple projects, thus, reducing time and manual work. Accommodate task dependencies by creating links between them through which the changes in one task will automatically be reflected in others

Resource planning: Obtain greater visibility of existing resources and their usage along with timeline estimations. Procure the right resource for the right job based on skills and availability, thereby utilizing maximum resource capacity

Reporting and BI support: Generate custom reports that allow high-level and granular-level data visibility. Employ the Business Intelligence package to create visually engaging and dynamic data interpretations

Budgeting and tracking: Formulate budget plans and ensure adherence using tools to track spending and mitigating financial risks. Utilize the time tracking feature to stay consistent with the project timeline and accommodate unexpected events

AI support: Employ machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to forecast project completion. Identify potential anomalies with ease and plan in advance


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Easy Projects
68 Buyers Negotiating
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    Customizable Templates
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    Real-Time Dashboards
  • +9
    Annual Subscription
  • +11
    Mobile App
  • +8
    Monthly Subsciption
  • +11
    Collaboration Tools
  • +8
    Document Management
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    Portfolio Management
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    Resource Management
  • +10
    Task Management
  • +9
    Time & Expense Tracking
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    Cost-to-Completion Tracking
  • +6
    Customer Service
  • +5
    System Integration
  • +8
    Agile Methodology
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    Traditional Methodology
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    Mac Installation
  • +10
    One-Time Purchase
  • -10
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
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    Windows Installation
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    Gantt chart
  • -7
    Kanban board
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    Milestone Tracking
  • -11
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    Apps and other integrations
  • -6
    Client Portal
  • -12
    Google & Gmail Integration
  • -5
    Manage backlog
  • -13
    MS Project Integration
  • -8
    To Do Lists

Easy Projects Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Feature-rich software with amazing tech support”

The Easy Projects project management software provides small businesses with a variety of tools to get their projects up and running smoothly. It''s fantastic tech support team helps users take full advantage of every feature to their maximum capability.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Reliable tool with stunning capabilities”

This software comes with an abundance of tools to help project managers at every stage of a project. Its easy-to-use interface and powerful in-built analytics reduce complex manual inferences to simple and accurate results.
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