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Trigger USP

Trigger project management software is dynamic in the way in which it counters all mundane functions of task initiation and supervision, while at the same time maintaining an organized account of client invoices. It offers a Kanban view which makes working seem like a source of enjoyment. Request Trigger Pricing to get more information.


Trigger Project Management Software allows for sharing and building upon ideas and strategies by the skilful and timely deployment of tasks to the workforce. It manages and schedules meetings, helps in the assignation of work, and lets you invigilate, all through this simple software solution. Trigger project management software literally triggers growth and success, bringing simplified mode of working by virtually overseeing most of the day to day business functions.

Trigger Pricing:

Trigger Pricing ranges between $11 USD to $15 USD. The free version allows 3 members and 5 clients. It also provides a 30-day free trial. Trigger pricing is shown below: 

  1. Start-Up – Free
  2. Standard- $11 USD per user per month (AU$15)
  3. Premium -$15 USD per user per month (AU$20)


Businesses interested in using this software can avail themselves of free demonstrative video lessons on the official website. The company also provides insightful video tutorials on nearly all important features and functions to help breed familiarity among new users.


Time tracking and management: Supervises time spent by members so they can be held accountable. Ensures a just system in place so no extra money is lost on clients

Project Management: Aids in the smooth planning of projects so that engagement with clients can be fruitful. Accelerates on-going projects by constant tracing and tracking of tasks and deadlines

Money Management: Maintains a neat account of expenditure and budget constraints. Makes certain that no additional penny is charged by clients by transparent tracking

Analytics: Analyses various business deals and gauge performances across timelines. Improvise on current strategies to increase efficiency and productivity

Transparency and trust-building: Builds on customer trust by sharing real-time notifications and inviting them on dashboards. Makes billing clients easier as data is immediately synced on software


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Trigger Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Work appreciated”

With time tracking feature on Trigger, one can log time and be appreciated for the long hours they have put. Skyrockets enthusiasm.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Flexible and dynamic”

Accessing work on Trigger through mobile makes work swift and seamless. It is easy to learn, making formidable targets seem possible.
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