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Copyleaks is a very popular plagiarism checker tool that detects plagiarism, paraphrased content and similar texts. It uses sophisticated artificial intelligence-based algorithms that search various databases and the internet to find the similar content with accuracy. It provides fast, accurate and clear results. It detects non-verbatim text in 100+ languages using the machine learning technology.

Copyleaks Pricing

Copyleaks pricing is based on the type of usage and number of pages to be checked. It offers different pricing solutions for Academia and Education and Business and Enterprises. Copyleaks pricing for academia and education starts at $10.99 per user for 100 pages and goes up to $1299.99 per user for 20k pages. Copyleaks pricing for business and enterprises starts at $9.99 per user for 100 pages and goes up to $1099.99 per user for 20k pages.

Copyleaks Demo

Copyleaks offers a demo and free trial for free to all the users. Users can book a demo at their convenience or can try the free trial that comes with limited functionality. It offers a modular solution and helps save money.

Copyleaks Features

Copyleaks comes with some advanced feature sets that makes it more popular and reliable, these features are:

Advanced technology
  • Copyleaks uses the next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to detect plagiarised content with accuracy
  • It searches quickly for similar texts, identical texts and paraphrased texts under vast pool of databases 
Multi-layered capabilities
  • It comes with multiple language capability and detects plagiarism and identical content in almost any language
  • It performs extensive search and crosscheck archives and academic journals that are not public on the internet
Easy integrations
  • Integrates seamlessly with open-source API with ready-to-use code
  • Web-based deployment makes it easily accessible
  • Supports plagiarism checks for scanned documents and photos also
  • Integrates quickly with MS Word/Google Docs
  • Supports all major file formats like PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML and TXT
  • Processes the data conveniently and quickly with cloud computing
  • Provides personalized solutions according to the business needs
  • Easily download and share report with anyone using URL sharing


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Copyleaks Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 11, 2020

“Detects duplicate files easily”

It compares internal documents in a safe and secure environment to find any duplicate or identical files.
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Buyer, Director, Analytics

May 11, 2020

“Clear reporting”

It presents the findings in a clear and easy to understand format.
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