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Macaw provides the flexibility as an image editor and writes semantic HTML/CSS code.  It helps to frame a more responsive and visual prototype. It applies the style in multiple elements and uses it at a centralized location. This also gives users the freedom to choose the design, typography, and components. Macaw has an built-in web technology; drawing a web design on it is similar to drawing live in the browser.


MACAW Features


  • Responsive in Nature
  • Sets a breakpoint and optimizes the site to use in various devices
  • Allows keeping all elements on the same page and changing size, visibility, border and position


  • Deal with global styles
  • Enables to select the grid size like width and number of columns
  • Design the visual web design and CSS3 making the code itself


  • Typography Controls
  • Allows a wider selection of custom fonts and  web fonts from "curated selection"
  • Customize by CSS that includes the letter, word, paragraph spacing, indentation, and font variants. Also, shows line length


  • Simple tools to manage space
  • Deals with alignment and spacing of elements
  • Debug design issues from outline view mode; it manages all the tags from outline pane


  • Built on Web Software
  • Contains a thin layer of OS-specific code
  • Shows good result on real-time access from other browsers and devices

MACAW Pricing


MACAW Pricing information is not disclosed by the company. The vendor offers pricing information upon request. Users can contact them directly and state the business needs to obtain detailed MACAW pricing.




Macaw provides a free demo at its website. It mentions the sub-topics in the "Interactive Design with Macaw" section. It also contains a video tutorial that shares all the functionalities with the user.


  • +14
    Advanced animations
  • +9
  • +11
    Customer Service
  • +11
    Drag-and-drop design
  • +12
    Dynamic overlays
  • +8
    Embedded commenting
  • +10
    Image editing capability
  • +13
    Interactive mockups
  • +11
    Intuitive build
  • +6
    Marker Colors
  • +5
    Mind Mapping
  • +7
    Mobile App
  • +10
    Mobile Preview
  • +9
    Prototype workflow
  • +7
    Sharing features
  • +13
    Software Prototyping
  • +14
    UI Prototyping
  • +12
    Usability testing programs
  • +9
    Version control
  • +7
  • -5
    Advanced transitions
  • -14
    CMS Integrations
  • -8
    Collaboration features
  • -6
    Photoshop sync
  • -12
    PSD, GIF, JPG file upload
  • -10
    System Integration
  • -13
  • -10
    User testing
  • -5
    UX Prototyping
  • -11
    Wireframing tools.

Macaw Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“No use of Internet Connection”

This is a generalized fact that any app to work requires an internet connection whereas Macaw is easily accessible without it. Developers can use the application while traveling anywhere.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Elegant and powerful web editor”

Macaw is ideal to get websites in HTML5, JS, and CSS3. It is simple to indicate every component''s ID and class or give it a variable name for scripting
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Macaw Presence in Prototyping Software

InVision is a cloud product design tool that helps the design professionals and businesses of various departments. It is a tool that helps in creating and designing prototypes that designers can design, collaborate, experiment, test and validate on the digital dashboard before actual development.  InVision gives transparency, collaboration, and the key to an efficient design process.

InVision Features

  • Prototyping
  • Create and modify the prototype at the runtime process.
  • Provide the facility of designing, framing, planning and feedback management

  • Design Module
  • Offers vector editing, layer styling, and animation
  • Integrate design libraries, collaborating of tools and multiple screen usage

  • UX Components
  • Integrates with Basecamp, JIRA, Teamwork, Trello, DropBox, Slack, Confluence and Microsoft.
  • Facilitates and reduces efforts for developers

  • Testing Methodology
  • Comprehensive product investigation ensures to keep away from clumsy software solutions and pay for the system that presents all the viewpoints the company requires in nurturing growth.
  • Allows design organization and collaboration, project management for designers, design sharing and presentation, design feedback and commenting real-time design meetings and whiteboarding and user testing and research.

  • Sync and Version History
  • Keeps a record of all screen changes done on the software. It gives multiple interactions of a design

InVision Pricing

Invision Pricing ranges from $15 per month to $100 per month. The InVision pricing segment is as follows:

  1. Free - $0
  2. Starter - $15 per month
  3. Professional - $25 per month
  4. Team - $100 per month

InVision Demo

InVision provides demo via recorded videos, it is also available on the official website. On YouTube, one can get tips and tutorials on design, prototyping, and new feature announcements from InVision.

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