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Moqups Prototyping Software
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Moqups Prototyping Software USP

Moqups Prototyping Software is a streamlined and intuitive web application that helps to create and collaborate on wireframes, mockups, diagrams, and prototypes. It allows the shaping of visual ideas and gives direction to the project with professional diagramming tools. Also, it keeps effortless sync with work design and diagrams. Moqups work remotely and are adaptable to the system. The team can easily collaborate and the design can be shared with other stakeholders. The prototyping tool helps in making the concept a reality through design.

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Moqups Prototyping Software is a visual prototyping tool that couples diagrams and design features in a single application. It provides real-time communication to create wide ranges of visual characteristics in the project such as wireframes, dashboards, maps, and prototypes. Curated design tools give the functionality and versatility a team needs - without any additional or distracting complexity. It works on various platforms, making it easy to access. The tool not only helps designers in designing screens but also for other stakeholders to visualise the product.

Moqups Prototyping Software Features

  • Interactive Elements
  • Edit user interface, wireframes mockups on with multiple collaboration. Offers an extensive range of fonts and styling options
  • Share the prototype and wireframes with a click of a button. During an online session, the tools help in making the system look presentable

  • Idea Management
  • Deals with the mind mapping technique, the picture in mind reflect on the construction of the design 
  • Organizes the brainstorming, flowchart and templates methods. Coding for templates and code are hard to crack for programmers, but it ensures coding flow with easiness

  • UX Interface
  • Show prototype on various platform like mobile and websites
  • Deals with design elements of drag and drop, page linking, screen capture, and feedback management.

  • Portable and adaptable platform
  • Use at Information Technology companies, services agencies, management consultants and government services.
  • Show a realistic view of the project at the run-time system. 

Moqups Pricing

Moqups pricing starts at $13 per month/per user. It does not offer any free trial and avail only one type subscription.

Moqups Demo

Moqups show demo via recorded videos on its websites and official channel on YouTube. It categorizes from adding interactivity in a project, introducing the new Moqups and how to use moqups.


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Moqups Prototyping Software
79 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +14
    Advanced animations
  • +11
    Customer Service
  • +11
    Drag-and-drop design
  • +12
    Dynamic overlays
  • +8
    Embedded commenting
  • +10
    Image editing capability
  • +11
    Intuitive build
  • +5
    Mind Mapping
  • +9
    Prototype workflow
  • +5
    Advanced transitions
  • +14
    CMS Integrations
  • +8
    Collaboration features
  • +9
  • +13
    Interactive mockups
  • +6
    Marker Colors
  • +7
    Mobile App
  • +10
    Mobile Preview
  • +6
    Photoshop sync
  • +12
    PSD, GIF, JPG file upload
  • +7
    Sharing features
  • -13
    Software Prototyping
  • -10
    System Integration
  • -13
  • -14
    UI Prototyping
  • -12
    Usability testing programs
  • -10
    User testing
  • -5
    UX Prototyping
  • -9
    Version control
  • -7

Moqups Prototyping Software Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Graphic Proposal”

Gives a realistic view of how the project looks like. The software pricings are also very competitive.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“The best tool for wireframing User Interface”

For non-coders, it easily develops webpages and prototype from its vast range of developing tools.
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