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The UXPin is a novel UI/ Ux design and prototyping platform that allows organizations to create functional and aesthetically pleasing mock-ups and wireframes. They incorporate several tools and interactive elements that allow users to design prototypes that almost mirror the final product. It aids in collaborative design and working, with plenty of room for users to customize their interfaces. It allows the import of code snippets and packages to improve interactivity. It enables consistent, scalable and economical prototyping.

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UXPin is a User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) tool that allows organisations to design and prototype website and mobile applications. It enables users to gather insights about the look and feel of the end product. It allows users to create prototypes and interactive interfaces using wireframing and mockup building tools. It also supports UX document generation and collaboration. UXPin offers a simple and intuitive interface with plenty of scope for customization that users can employ to build compelling prototypes. 

UXPin Features 

  • Speedy Prototyping
  • Utilize thousands of ready-made responsive components that are compatible with iOS and Bootstrap
  • Choose from hundreds of icons and animations that are included in the in-built libraries and simply drag and drop then into the design
  • Code inclusion and interaction support
  • Integrate interactive form elements into the design to make the prototype more realistic 
  • Import existing web pages and sync React.js components automatically onto the prototype 
  • Interface customization 
  • Customize desired animations or simply drag and drop sketch files onto the wireframe
  • Draw vector shapes that can be easily combined to form stunning illustrations
  • Seamless collaborations 
  • Collaborate with teams and view new inputs and modifications in real-time 
  • Set-up team permissions and receive notifications on the changes being made
  • Documentation and data support 
  • Make and share notes regarding technical aspects and use cases on-the-go
  • Import and use data in a variety of formats or make use of the ready-made content that is available

UXPin Pricing 

UXPin offers three different UXPin Pricing packages for users to choose from, each with additional features than the previous. The UXPin pricing is categorized as:

  • Basic- $19 per editor per month 
  • Advanced- $29 per editor per month 
  • Enterprise- price is revealed upon customer solicitation

UXPin Demo 

UXPin offers to its users a variety of materials like e-books, blogs and webinars that they can use to familiarize themselves with the various features of the platform. Those looking for a hands-on experience can take advantage of the free-trial package.


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UXPIN Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Trend-setter for UI/UX tools”

The UXPin boasts a plethora of tools that enable users to incorporate several interactive elements, beautiful illustrations and working code segments, thus, making the prototype extremely tangible.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Simple interface with powerful tools”

The UXPin helps organisations and teams to get a look and feel of their projects before actual development. Its clean and straightforward interface helps users to determine areas of improvement and enhancement with ease.
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