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Helio USP

Helio is a prototyping software. It helps the user gain insights and analytics and thus, increase the growth in business. The platform provides many great features such as dashboard engagement, preference tests, mobile features and many more. It provides a time to time report to the user which contains all information. Also, Helio provides it as an app so that the user can use it on mobile as well as on desktop. It gives any product of a company a complete new look with powerful analytics and insights.

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Helio is a prototyping software. It enhances the designs, products and messaging of different companies. It uses simple methods and brings out an amazing change in the product. Helio works very quickly  and provides focused reactions. Also, it helps the user to understand the perceptions and provides free response. Rich with functionalities and provides some useful and essential features to the users.

Helio Features

  • Preference Test
  • Collects the reactions of the customers on different products and analyse the result on that basis.
  • Easier to set up and easy to record responses, provides focused reactions.

  • Dashboard Engagement
  • Helps you to prioritize the needs of your customers, provides new ways for an attractive dashboard.
  • Quickly understands what the user is more interested in, gives an easy way to perform tests.

  • Mobile Features
  • Allows you to find your customers opinions on mobile and system.
  • Doesn’t make your phone slow because of updates, allows the user to perform usability tests.

  • Brands View
  • Tells you about what the market thinks about the brand by performing suitable tests.
  • Helps the user to find out the views of people on their products.

Helio Pricing

Helio Pricing has different ranges. According to the user requirement, Helio Pricing starts from $49 and goes till $399. Here is the pricing segment:

  1. Open test: $49/month
  2. Basic Test: $199/month
  3. Targeted test: $399/month

Helio Demo

Helio doesn’t provide any demo on the website. But the user can start using it for free and can get knowledge about the features provided by the company.


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Helio Reviews


James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Simple to use”

Helio is very simple to use as the user just needs to get in touch with them and tell them the complete information about the business.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 02, 2020

“Variety of functions”

Helio provides a large number of functions with simple technology. This makes it a tough competition in the market.
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