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Availity is a health management software that provides an excellent platform for health care providers to maintain a steady exchange of information between them and the payers. The software is scalable and can be used by all tiers of enterprises. Availity optimizes the workflow by its automation. It untangles the complex payment processes and improves the front-desk experience of payers. On top of that, the platform helps healthcare providers by providing them with a secure platform to manage HIPAA transactions with their payers.

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Availity is a hospital management software that provides health care providers with a smooth platform to maintain a robust connectivity and exchange essential information with their payers. The solutions provided by Availity include Provider Portal for real-time information exchange as well as tools to manage revenue cycles, reduce claim denials, and capture patient payments. Availity's API products allow its providers to integrate insurance transactions and other features into their central billing systems.

Availity Features

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Reduce claim denials and optimize workflow to boost profitability with patients and payers
  • Simplify payment processing and generate accurate analytics and reports, and improve organizational insights

  • Patient Access Management
  • Access real-time patient data to make informed and efficient decisions at the point of service
  • Resolve billing problems by automating workflow and enhance the front-desk experience

  • EDI Clearinghouse
    • Simplify EDI Clearinghouse costs and subsequently increase overall efficiency
    • Send HIPAA transactions through PMS, HIS, or HER application efficiently

  • Connect to Payers
  • Collaborate with payers in real-time and exchange essential information
  • Check claim status, resolve overpayment issues, check eligibility, and submit authorizations

  • Medical Attachments
  • Send medical records and itemized bills to health plans electronically
  • Check the patient's eligibility and claims status with a single web portal login

Availity Pricing

Availity offers tailor-made Availity Pricing schemes customised to one needs. One can request a quote of Availity Pricing on the company's official website. The pricing would vary depending on the organisation type and the features one wishes to avail.

Availity Demo

The company offers a free demo which can be accessed by submitting a request on their website. Availity demo is free of cost and provides a lucid explanation to its tools and resources, and acquaints the users to all of its functionalities.


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Availity Reviews


James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Insurance Benefit Information on Fingertips”

The login process is simple, multiple users are allowed, and one can search and use the software with ease. The information provided is accurate.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 05, 2020

“Super Helpful and a Great Time-saver”

Availity is a super useful tool that saves the users from having to deal directly with patient''s insurance companies. It is a great time saver.
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