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CAQH ProView
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The premier credentialing tool is a trusted source in the healthcare industry and can be used by organizations for network directories, claim processing, quality assurance and emergency response. It solves communication challenges between healthcare stakeholders through a transparent exchange of information and saves time over traditional paper application submissions and reviewing process. The collaboration and innovation in CAQH ProView are transforming business processes and delivering value to healthcare providers.

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CAQH Proview is an online data collection solution that enables healthcare practitioners and physicians to report and enter practice information free-of-charge into a secure central database and authorize health care organizations to access the information. CAQH eliminates redundant processes and paperwork, saving time by expediting data collection and maintenance.

CAQH Features

  • Intuitive profile-based design
  • Save time on inquiries on administrative information with an updated profile in the database
  • Ensure authorized healthcare organizations get instant access to accurate and timely information
  • Simplified credentialing
  • Enter, submit and store all data electronically and improve the timeliness of completed application
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and reduce administrative cost
  • Enhanced security
  • Control data access by authorizing organizations that can see the data
  • Review and authorize data every four months. Attest and make changes to record anytime to maintain the accuracy
  • Registered access
  • Self-register with the system online or upon receiving registration instructions before initiation of a health plan
  • Approve practice manager information before any data is imported

CAQH Proview Pricing

CAQH Proview Pricing offers Physicians and healthcare practitioners the platform for free. CAQH Proview Pricing isn’t a problem-statement, as it is available for free for the said users, and the remaining users can nudge the management in the form of emails to get a quote for CAQH Pricing.

CAQH Proview Demo

The CAQH Proview offers a demo on its website through video to help users understand the features of the platform and how they can be used optimally. A community and knowledge base section on the website can help users with the necessary information.


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CAQH ProView
78 Buyers Negotiating
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CAQH ProView Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 05, 2020

“Timely data processing and real-time validation”

The platform makes it easy for providers to update information without wasting time and resources to submit accurate data. The timely features enable providers to complete and attest to multiple credentialing applications In one intelligent workflow design.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Setting new industry standards for data collection”

The CAQH Proview is easy to use and free for providers. The data sets in CAQH Proview meet the data collection requirements of URAC, the National Committee for Quality Assurance and Joint Commission standards.
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