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eAuction USP

The biggest challenge for a business today is maintaining aggressive product pricing, quality and sustainability. Traditional sourcing processes mainly carried out through emails and excel sheets are not beneficial anymore. eAuction innovates the procurement process, empowers companies across the globe using an AI powered eSourcing tool. Buyers can centralise sourcing knowledge at the same time discover new suppliers using AI methodology. The application helps the users and also fastens the flow. Request eAuction Pricing to get more information.


eAuction is a purchasing software designed by eSupplierGlobal. It’s an eSourcing and eNegotiation tool which empowers the garnering and procuring team to generate savings and clarity during the procurement process. The UI/UX permits engagement of a huge number of buyers and sellers online and has a multilingual feature in it. Buyers can conduct eRFQ and eAuction to find new suppliers and best prices. This makes the process faster and helps the users.

eAuction Features 

→ eRFX (RFP-RFQ) tool

  • Procure raw materials, capital equipments and services faster, receive quotes quicker, compare them and select the most feasible one
  • Negotiate further by converting eRFX into eAuction

→ Automated analytics

  • Search among a broader pool of supplier platform and find the cheapest supplier at best suitable price
  • Present sourcing data in conversational and intuitive graphical form and track, analyse and optimise sourcing events faster with vital stats

→ Real time eAuction

  • Negotiate with multiple real time bidding solutions
  • Avail different types of auctions like single reverse auction, multiple reverse auction, dutch auction and multiple reverse auction

→ Centralisation of sourcing data

  • Get a tightly-knit, unified and well-structured data
  • Get relevant data for evaluation and reports to support management decisions and corporate controlling

→ Collaboration

  • Automate and manage garnering activities anytime, anywhere through desktop, smartphone or tablet
  • Collaborate and align procurement team while smoothly integrating the supplier network spread across the globe

eAuction Pricing

Interested buyers can contact eSupplierGlobal through their official website for getting information about eAuction Pricing.

eAuction Demo

Curious buyers can contact eSupplierGlobal on the website for getting a demonstration on the product. They can also check out the FAQs available on the website and subscribe to their blog.


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eAuction Reviews


James Smith

May 05, 2020


It sells using SaaS. A feature for working on case to case sourcing projects would be more beneficial as users have limited resources at home.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 05, 2020


eAuction allows discovery, getting quotes and negotiating online. Good value for money.
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