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Mango USP

What makes Mango special is the fact that it works in real time, which enables business to get a true and fair picture of its quality management mechanism. It also comes with various control tools. It increases the employee participation through an extremely user friendly interface and saves time and money by cutting down on paperwork and duplicates.

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Mango is a QMS, which helps businesses to monitor and control the effectiveness of its quality mechanism in real time. It can help businesses to educate their employees on various aspects related to quality. This software application is designed for keeping track of different training records, certifications and licences. It is also capable of creating automated events for reminding business when there is time for renewal.  

Mango Pricing:

There are different modules of this software which are available. The Mango Pricing is determined by the module which businesses have opted for. However, all the modules offer access to learning centre, upgrades and partner support. To know more about the latest Mango Pricing, one can visit their official website or may contact the support team and request a quote for pricing.

Mango Demo:

Mango demo consists of two major parts:

  1. Gives businesses a comprehensive overview on various aspects of this software and tells them how it can help manage their business in a more efficient manner.
  2. Gives business an introduction on how this software can prove to be more cost effective and also how it can improve the level of its efficiency.

Mango Features:

  • Monitoring
  • Tracks how effective and efficient the quality management system is
  • Helps in figuring out whether any changes in the quality management system needs to be incorporated
  • Documentation
  • Allows business to document procedures, forms and policies in an effective manner
  • Permits to link documents to other modules
  • Business Friendly Interface
  • Offers a very business friendly interface which makes it easy to operate
  • Helps to improve employee participation
  • Recording
  • Keeps a track and maintain a record of various important documents like licences, certificates and others
  • Capable of generating reminders which helps business adhere to to the compliance protocols
  • Maintaining Quality Standards
  • Aids business to track the loopholes which helps business to improve the standard of quality 
  • Conducts non-conformance study from any part of the world 


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62 Buyers Negotiating
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Mango Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020

“Fast and Authentic Software”

Mango offers an authentic solution to its quality management system. It generates quick results and with a business friendly interface
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Best Optimal Solutions”

It allows businesses to use its tools in an effective manner to get the best optimised outputs and improve business productivity.
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