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Ammyy remote desktop software is a widely used remote-desktop software that is considered reliable and affordable when it comes to remote assistance, remote desktop sharing, administration, and distance education from across the world. Ammyy remote desktop software is affordable in its operations for a broad range of corporate and personal users.

Ammyy Pricing

Ammyy Pricing offers all paid licenses for a lifetime. It only has a one-time purchase. The free version can be used only for non-commercial use. There are numerous other plans offered by it depending on how many desktops are going to remotely access. The Ammyy Pricing is as follows:

  1. Starter v3 Plan -  $33.90/desktop
  2. Premium v3 Plan - $66.90/desktop
  3. Corporate v3 Plan - $99.90/desktop

Ammyy Demo

The free license has an access limit of 15 hours per month after it uses the connection ID. This license can also be transferred to other PCs free of cost but not for more than a week. Each PC needs to have a paid license if it is involved in a commercial remote control session. 


No installation- Operates soon after it’s downloaded by entering the ID of the PC which is generated automatically. Utilizes privacy and remote connection access verification settings.

File Manager- Copy files and folders between local and remote computer desktop of size up to 140 Tb. Resumes any interrupted downloads with no information leakage. Functions over operations like create, delete, rename, move, etc.

Data Transfer Security- Displays images, keyboard, cursor and transfer files between remote and local computers with encrypted security algorithms.  It provides sophisticated remote access rights management with the help of a unique hardware ID or password.

Remote Server Control- Requires no human presence when it comes to remote PC and server control on the client-side. Enables restart, login/out and change users while using remote desktop sharing.

Voice Chat- Uses a headset to communicate with partners at remote desktop using the voice chat feature. Holds online conferences, presentations, and virtual classes.


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Ammyy Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Import Data Isolation”

It safeguards corporate information in cases of data leakage which make Ammyy a transparent system. An affordable pricing software.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Remote Support”

It is highly recommended for remote assistance to assist clients, business partners or even friends and relatives. It doesn’t require administrator rights which makes it easy to operate.
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