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Vysor USP

Vysor Share functions for testing apps and debugging software through a range of dedicated devices. Many devices can be accessed to create a dedicated device farm, There will be a single interface to control all those devices in Vysor share. This is much more efficient than using an emulator since the behavior of the physical devices is much more likely to reflect reality than an emulator.

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Vysor remote desktop software lets users view and control Android on the computer. Use apps, play games, control Android with mouse and keyboard. Go wireless, and mirror the Android to desktop, great for presentations. It also lets users share the screen with others for remote assistance.

For developers, Vysor remote desktop software lets the users ditch the emulator and seamlessly work on a real Android device. No need to fiddle with it in your hands. It can be used to set up device farms and remotely debug and test applications across a wide range of devices.

Vysor Pricing

Vysor pricing depends on the user’s interest. The Vysor pricing is available per month, per year, and for a lifetime as well. The details of the Vysor pricing is given below:

  • $2.50 per month. 
  • $10 per year.
  • $40 for a lifetime.

Vysor Demo

Vysor remote desktop software offers a demo version that can be installed, the demo has only two features that are Mirror and Control Android, taking Screenshots. Vysor also provides email support to its users that require the same.


Mirror and Control Android- Allows users to share the android device using a USB cable connection. Using the Wi-Fi option the android can be wirelessly shared. Able to play games, use apps, and perform any other activities that could be done directly through the Android mobile device.

Capture screen by using the screenshot feature. Save screenshots in devices as well as computers.

Vysor Share- Allows using Vysor Share, needing to have a Vysor Pro account, which provides sharing the phone with people throughout the office. Shares the device across the globe.

Drag and Drop Files- Copy files from device to computer by just dragging and dropping. It saves time and increases efficiency.


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Vysor Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Exceptionally software”

Vysor is an exceptionally small piece of software that uses very little system resources. The benefit is that it brings well worth any cost in terms of storage space and system utility.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Wonderful development”

Vysor is wonderful for development and also to do mobile app demos and record user experiences. An affordable pricing software.
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