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CrossOver remote desktop software is a compatibility layer developed by CodeWeavers for Microsoft Office products, available on Linux, macOS, and Chrome operating systems. It enables numerous Windows-based applications to run on different operating systems. The utility programs, software, and games run at native speed as CrossOver remote desktop software does not have the overhead of a Windows OS. No requirement of a purchase of a Windows license, virtual machine, or reboot.

CrossOver Pricing

The CrossOver Pricing is currently available in three different categories based on the various needs of individuals or organizations. Renewals are available to buyers of a one-year license while there is also an educational discount on offer. The CrossOver Pricing plans are as follows:

  1. One Version - $9.95 USD (one-time purchase)
  2. One Year      - $15.95 USD (one year of support)
  3. One Lifetime - $499.95 USD (one-time purchase)

CrossOver Demo

A free trial is available for all three platforms- Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS for a limited period of 14 days to acquaint the user with the software’s operations and functionalities.


Seamless integration- Launch Windows program from the dock on macOS without the requirement of a license or a virtual machine. Provides cross-platform copy and paste along with a shared file system for Windows applications.

Adaptive to OS- Supports all available Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Arch Linux, Fedora, etc. Accommodates macOS permanent transition to 64-bit.

Diversification- Supports productivity software, utility programs, and games on Linux, macOS, and Chrome OS. Incorporates basic, standard, and professional game editions all in one.

Compatibility- Supports over 13,000 software over various operating systems. Requires only 90 MB of space to run, leaving plenty of space for other software.


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Crossover Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Good compatibility and financially feasible”

Vendor is extremely responsive to suggestions and comments, has a good number of Windows applications that run smoothly on macOS as well.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Multifunctional with excellent support”

All Windows applications run smoothly with the requirement of only a single license on macOS. The software pricings are also very competitive.
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