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QEMU Remote Desktop Software
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QEMU is a superfast process emulator that allows users to run operating systems and programs as applications on the host machine. It is open-source and cross-platform software. The QEMU is specifically targeted towards the process needs of small to mid-scale businesses. It allows for emulating an entire system, including peripherals and user-space. They offer web-based solutions and are compatible with Windows and Mac OS. 

QEMU Pricing 

The exact QEMU pricing is not disclosed by the company. Users can contact the customer service to know about the QEMU pricing plans and can get a competitive quote for their requirements. The vendor will get back with a detailed Qemu pricing plan and benefits.

QEMU Demo 

QEMU does not offer any video-based demos. However, users wanting to get a feel of its interface, how it works, and all its features can go through a variety of detailed blog articles and documentations and read the developer documents and main documents. It also boasts a wonderful support feature.


Full system emulation- Run entire operating systems on a machine with a supported architecture. Emulate a full system including a processor and various peripherals like disk etc. 

User-mode emulation- Use QEMU to launch Linus processes that are compiled for one CPU on a completely different CPU with the rapid translation of system calls. Obtain faster execution of processes with user-mode emulation.

Virtualization- Make use of KVM virtual machine to run an architecture that is identical to the hosts architecture, as this takes advantage of KVM acceleration. Utilize COLO (Coarse-grained Lock-stepping) Virtual Machines for Non-stop service supported by the parallel running of Primary and secondary VM.

Development support and data security- Employ QEMU as a development tool for OS kernel engineers and configure QEMU via command line and utilize its front-end tools. Keep data in the VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) secure with encryption.


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QEMU Remote Desktop Software Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 14, 2020

“Open Source and feature-rich”

The software is supported by a large number of developers who keep adding powerful features to the software with each new release and fix bugs really fast.
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Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 14, 2020

“Wholesome application for emulation and virtualization”

QEMU allows users to run full operating systems and programs with superfast emulation and optimized virtualizations with maximized performance.
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