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GoToMyPC remote desktop software is an application that allows users to connect to another computer. It can be easily installed and is simple to use. It has very good speed and is well-grounded. The main goal is to provide quick service and user satisfaction. It enables one to hear one’s voice when accessing a PC. Also, one can cut, copy, or paste files between the connected computers. It is highly reliable and has a great security policy.

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GoToMyPC remote desktop software enables the user to access another computer using a web browser. The software phones the home to Citrix and sets the connection when installed on a computer. GoToMyPC remote desktop software has very good speed, is well-grounded and easy to use. It provides quick service and focuses on customer satisfaction. It can be used for business purposes as well as for personal use. 

GoToMyPC Pricing

Based on the requirement, GoToMyPC Pricing varies from $35 to $140 per month. GoToMyPC Pricing is based on whether the use is personal or corporate. Here are the pricing segments of GoToMyPC:

  1.   Personal: $35/computer/month.
  2. Pro: $66/ 2 computer/month.
  3. Corporate: Starting from $140/for corporate use.

GoToMyPC Demo

GoToMyPC provides a free demo for all the users on the website through the use of video and written steps to familiarize the user with functionalities. Email support for explaining all queries raised by any user is available too.


Remote access- Facilitates work on computer anytime from anywhere. Use on MAC as well as PC.

Easy installation- Install directly from the website easily. Configure without restarting the system, which makes it time-saving. Connects in seconds.

File transfer- Enables transfer of files from one computer to another connected computer. It helps to get rid of the traditional methods of self-emailing files.

Multi-monitor support- Connect several devices at once without interruption. Displays a full view of all monitors that are connected.

Security- Secure with 128-bit AES encryption and has a dual password system. Allows locking the remote keyboard and blacks the screen to protect privacy


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GoToMyPC Reviews


James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Reliable and scalable”

This software is very reliable and is used by many people globally. It has data centers around the world so it gives a tough competition to other software.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“High performance”

This software tool has many amazing features that can help users in various ways. Also, it is fast and very simple to use.
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