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MobaXTerm USP

MobaXterm remote desktop software is a remote desktop application that enables the user to connect to other remote devices. This helps in easily accessing commercial Linux servers as it provides Unix commands as well as the network tools to the user. In addition to providing ssh clients, it also provides a built-in X server for GUI applications.

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MobaXTerm remote desktop software is the ultimate toolbox for remote computing. It is a Windows application that provides lots of functions customized for programmers, IT administrators, and for all the other users. MobaXTerm remote desktop software allows the user to access any type of equipment that is taught within the network segment. MobaXTerm provides all the important network tools (SSH, RDP, X11, etc.) and Unix commands to windows desktop.

MobaXTerm Pricing

Based on the needs of users, MobaXTerm pricing starts from $69 per month. Also, MobaXTerm is free for personal or non-commercial use. Here is the MobaXTerm pricing segment:

  1. Home: Available for free but limit to one user
  2. Professional: $69/per user/per month

MobaXTerm Demo

MobaXTerm provides a free demo for all its versions and functions with the software on its official website. The videos explain the user about the application and the functionalities, making it easier for the user to understand.


User Interface- Provides various ways for the user to effectively navigate with a terminal window, keeps a record of data changing made in software. It allows the user to access a terminal host system and input command sequence, visual appearance can also be customized.

Multiple Platform- Allows usage and access across a range of operating systems and devices, access to connected mobile devices is also supported. Allows hosts to take control of the endpoint, managing, and configuration applications on employee devices.

Security- Enables remote locking and encryption of employee devices. Registers company-owned, employee-owned devices for IT access.

High Performance- Provides additional functionalities for increased security, analytics, and other features. Monitors control for infrastructure usage. It has a minimal latency rate and works on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux.


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MobaXTerm Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Simple and Affordable”

This software is very simple to use as it just needs to be installed on the system also, it is affordable because it is free for home use and for professionals also it is very affordable.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Feature-rich Software”

MobaXTerm is a feature-rich software as it provides all the basic features as well as additional features to the user.
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