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Supremo Remote Desktop Software is a multi-platform, cloud-based software for remote assistance that ensures reliability and quick and easy intervention for the customers. It allows us to connect to remote PCs and servers to enable the user with assistance. Supremo Remote Desktop Software handles multiple screens with integrated tools for transferring files and folders. The data flow is encrypted with AES256-bit program. It is compatible with Android 5.0 or higher, windows, and iOS.

Supremo Pricing

Supremo Pricing is always free for personal use but for commercial purposes, the user has to subscribe to the software. It facilitates the customers with an unbeatable Supremo Pricing plan which is completely based on the needs. There are different subscription period based pricing, and they are:

For business-$193/month/user, three simultaneous connection 
For solo- $106, one connection

Business-$64, three simultaneous connection
Solo- $36, one connection 

Supremo Demo

Supremo Remote Desktop Software provides free trial and to avail the demo an individual needs to get registered on the website. The first 21 days of use are free.


Customizable interface- Uses customizable application interface to distribute it to all customers. Automate to add logo or company details enabling it to edit colors according to brand colors.

Meeting- Allows to launch a meeting and enables screen sharing without granting access to its users. Makes the software simple and reliable for demonstration, webinars, and courses.

UAC-Compatible- Use of “run as” function allows Supremo to show and interact with the UAC (user account control) windows. Facilitate this feature for a remote user is a normal user.

Security and protection- Ensures a secure connection by the flow of encrypted data with an AES 256-bit algorithm. The use of password for every startup protects the remote machine from undesired connections.


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Supremo Reviews


Buyer, Ecommerce

May 14, 2020

“Easy tool to transfer files”

Supremo uses a tool to transfer files or folders and to chat, communicate amid remote PC or server. The above tools are also controlled with multiple displays.
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James Smith

May 14, 2020

“No configuration required”

With the help of a data transfer protocol Supremo allows the customer to connect with the remote PC or server without the need for configuration of routers or firewalls.
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