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Remote Utilities
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Remote Utilities USP

Remote Utilities manage easy configuration across all devices. It has some unique illustrations like real-time chat, clipboard synchronization, session recording, file sharing, and screen sharing. All these provide good technical support to the customers and help their family and friends also.

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Remote Utilities is a kind of remote desktop seen absolutely appropriate for Window users when comes to securely access workstations, servers, and laptops via the Internet or over a LAN. One can view the remote PC screen and grab a hold on its mouse and keyboard as if the PC is right in front. It is reliable remote support that also provides an administration solution suitable for internal network and remote access.

Remote Utilities Pricing

Remote Utilities pricing offers a number of plans to fulfill the remote access needs of customers depending upon the personal or enterprise use. The difference between these Remote Utilities pricing plans is of the allowed endpoints. Each plan has only a one-time fee for a lifetime.

The other plans are as follows:

  1. Start Plan - Rs 7519/tech and allows 20 endpoints per tech
  2. Mini Plan - Rs 18192/tech and allows 50 endpoints per tech
  3. Pro Plan - Rs 37901/tech and allows unlimited endpoints per tech

Remote Utilities Demo

It provide a free license key to add up to 10 remote PCs in your viewer address book and could be used for both business and personal purposes. The trial period is entirely free. It’s a one-time purchase and later could be used for a lifetime.


Customization- Allowance of free customization of the software, like MSI configuration. Integrates features like a one-click EXE installer and a customized agent package.

Security- Ensures secured connections with TLS 1.2256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication. Consider other methods also like Google authenticator to log in, IP filtering, address book encryption, and host identity check.

Multiple languages- Available in multiple languages. Performs editing of the email message template to translate it into one's native language.

Scalability- Up-gradation of the product version is possible but since it’s a one-time purchase so it can’t be scaled down. The addition of more technologies, licenses, or changing license type is possible and charges are allocated accordingly.

File transfer- Easier file transfer because of drag-and-drop functionality.


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Remote Utilities
62 Buyers Negotiating
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Remote Utilities Reviews


Transportation and Logistics

May 14, 2020


The address book can be automatically synced and backup the daily information and also manage the built-in-tools like the MSI configurator.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 14, 2020

“Software Security”

The remote screen could be blanked out while the mouse and keyboard could be locked. This makes you the only person who is accessing the session on a computer with no fear of unwanted modification by anyone.
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