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ShowMyPC remote desktop software is a remote access software that enables users to share screens and connect functions such as performing demos, web conferencing, etc. Its broadcasting feature allows for high volume meetings, training, etc. Communication is also available through a messaging service among clients. ShowMyPC remote desktop software is supported by a wide variety of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Android and is therefore diverse in its networking and system processes.

ShowMyPC Pricing

ShowMYPC Pricing is available in three different price categories to suit the business and client needs. It also supports yearly payment methods. The ShowMyPC Pricing range is as follows:

  1. Premium - $ 14/month
  2. Professional - $ 19/month
  3. Business - $ 36/month
  4. Enterprise - $ 60/month

ShowMyPC Demo

A free version of the ShowMyPC software is available on its website with some limited features. It contains an overview of the features and services provided by the software. It also comes with 30- days free trial for all the plans.


Access Home or Office PC-Access, reboot, and manage Home/Office or any unattended PCs from anywhere. Track lost or stolen PCs hassle-free.

Premium Meetings Support-Conduct online meetings, with customizable domains and the ability to reconnect after reboot. Get customized service and direct email links into your phone directory or inbox.

Private Hosted Unlimited PCs-Provides free lifetime hosting, once the one-time purchase is completed. Allows options for private or virtual server with an easy and straightforward setup.

Free Helpdesk with Business- Manages support requests and improves customer support efficiency. Provides fast and efficient staff with effective productivity tools and uninterrupted support.


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ShowMyPC Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Allows personalization and branding”

Provides detailed customization options with personalized widgets, uniform display of brand, etc. The customization option is also available when a meeting is hosted on our server.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Accessible, considerable for individuals”

It helps a lot with software issues, and provides worthwhile technical support. Its recording sessions for paper trails is a bonus.
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