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OVD remote desktop software is a flexible virtual desktop software that provides Windows and Linux applications on-demand. The virtualization software for Windows turns the existing operating systems into the virtual infrastructure required to meet the clients’ needs. OVD remote desktop software is designed to render end-to-end virtualization solutions that can protect virtual machines through any browser over a click. It can create cloud desktops. OVD is available as SaaS, Mac, Windows, Android, etc.

OVD Pricing

OVD pricing details are available upon request. Monthly and yearly payment features are available along with videos and free trial versions. Users can contact the customer service to know about the OVD pricing plans and can get a competitive quote for their requirements.

OVD Demo

OVD has a free trial version and a live Web demo is available for users who wish to experience the OVD enterprise with an expert. OVD enterprise also provides training in-person, live online, webinars, and thorough documentation.


Application Delivery- Allows remote display of applications installed in Windows/Linux servers. Ensures efficient use of network bandwidth by allowing only mobile screen updates, keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc. to traverse the network. Provides file manager for file system manipulation and web application gateway transparently supports the integration of native web applications alongside Windows and Linux.

Delivery- Includes local desktop integration, kiosk mode, session roaming, dynamic delivery feedback, session recovery, and data storage. Allows applications to be published for access by local desktop, hostel virtual desktop, mobile device, etc.

Virtual Desktops- Ensures scalability and cost-effectiveness through hosted shared virtual desktop. It allows users to connect remotely from any device through desktop sessions which are published.

Administration- Offers monitoring and reporting, email alerting, and delegated administration. Administration of separate user sessions through the session manager feature.

Ensures security through SSL VPN protecting data. Provides support for PC/SC compliant smart cards reads based on specifications.


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OVD Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 25, 2020


OVD is a flexible virtual desktop software which helps turn existing OS into the virtual infrastructure the user requires.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Simple virtualization platform”

OVD delivers Windows and Linux apps and shared desktops to any device without the cost and complexity of VDI making it simple and easy to use.
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