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ActivTrak USP

ActivTrak reporting software is authentic and efficient software that helps monitor and assess the business organizational factors and help the entrepreneurs gather and indulge proper type of resources in the wake of business. As we want businesses to grow and flourish into their organization of dreams with a thorough organizational zeal. Request ActivTrak Pricing to get more information.


It is efficient employee management software responsible for monitoring the user activity of employees through a cloud based integration service. It ensures that the mid market organizations are more secure and productive throughout their market process.

ActivTrak pricing:

ActivTrak pricing is 7.20$ for advanced access each month. As you can see ActivTrak pricing is very user friendly and affordable to help the organizations get an experience with us. An enterprise version is also available that caters to the needs of an organization.

ActivTrack Reporting Software Demo 

It uses very user friendly and simplified information to draw your employee structure under a system of monitor and assessment facilitating business at a very reasonable ActivTrak pricing. All in all, it's a good experience. Our motto is through organization and monitoring success in the wake of a successful and efficient  process.

ActivTrak Reporting Software Features:

It comprises a cloud based efficient employee monitoring and controlling system that leads to overall increase in productivity. Its features are: 

  • Analyze workforce productivity
    • Establishment of fellow operational baselines that thoroughly benefit the organization.
    • Manage costs with a better visibility of business enabling save of resources. 
  • Managing the remote workforce
    • It helps in the discovery of productivity insights across a number of dispersed outlooks facilitating efficiency.
    • Identification of overworked employees is possible, so that they may not suffer from attrition. 
  • Protection of data from inside threats
    • A thorough analysis of individual data is possible to discover any kind of suspicious behaviour.
    • Setting of automated security alarms and inquiries to facilitate charm and transparency.
  • An improvement of operational efficiency
    • Establishment of operational factors that directly harness the business profits and margins over time.
    • Management of costs with a  better distinct vision  to promote profits. 


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ActivTrak Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 06, 2020

“ActivTrak has made my employees happy!”

I must say that after incorporating this system into our business, our employees have been taken care of better. Everybody is happy!
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 06, 2020

“ActivTrak reporting software helped me monitor!”

Without this software I would''ve been unable to get clarity on the employee structure of my company on a detailed level. And now I am able to track every detailed move of them in a very efficient and organizational way.
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