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Wisk AI is a Bar and Restaurant management software that not only helps businesses with inventory but also helps in accurate reporting and smart purchase ordering. Optimization of stock and purchasing exactly as per requirements - the software does it all and also helps reduction in logistics time. The software also helps identify consumption and over stocking and increases liquidity of products.

Wisk Features


  • Highly effective in the reduction of waste and dead stock.
  • Stocking popular beverages is an easy task with this tool and it also reduces the inventory time by 80%.


  • Records of entire order history to track data and yearly operations. Also helps keep track of preferred order lists to manage best selling and seasonal products.
  • The software also has an inbuilt barcode scanner, so pulling up Product details instantly is easy.


  • Instant notifications about underperforming items on the menu. Recipe, Labour cost and inventory tracking.
  • Cost of each ingredient on the recipe of the beverage. The interface is easy to use with smooth calculations.


  • Optimizes detection of sales trends and helps managers identify what works and what doesn’t.
  • With accurate data, human errors are eliminated. The tool’s machine learning technology gives the right data to make the right calls.

Wisk Pricing

Wisk pricing structure is simple with no setup fee but some POS systems may charge additional integration fee. All the plans are billed yearly.

Wisk pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic plan - Charged at $79 per month 
  • Pro plan - Charged at $129 per month
  • Premium plan - Charged at $199 per month

Wisk Demo

Wisk Ai offers a 14 day free trial on all its plans. One could get in touch with the sales team for the same on the contact number/e-mail ID provided on the website.


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WISK Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

May 02, 2020

“Stay Organized”

The platform is super helpful in choosing from a variety of liquors to choose from to create unique recipes. Pricing the cocktails are hence stress free and painless.
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Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“Save on costs”

Businesses won’t be overusing liquor in their recipes. Their costing platform gives accurate measuring of any of the products in the inventory.
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