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Ambur USP

Ambur Restaurant POS System is one of the most comprehensive inventory modules. The Ambur software allows restaurants to curate their inventory based on the kind and scale of the business. It is highly customizable and it has robust reporting with historical data which allows for visual data records. Its seamless interface ensures maximum output for the user as well as the restaurant site itself. 

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Ambur Restaurant POS System is a solution for single-store locations. Ambur allows integrated card processing and is customer-centric. The software is designed to help restaurateurs and bar owners to manage their work with ease. It simplifies menu changes, easy changes in menus and decreases wait times. There is an order manager that integrates more than two orders to serve for the customer. Its omni-channel service makes its operation easy and fosters a seamless restaurant management.

Ambur Pricing:

Ambur Pricing depends upon the requirements of the businesses. The Ambur Pricing model is as follows:

  • Rs 5688 per month for a single device
  • Rs 10008 per month for 2-3 devices
  • Rs 14328 per month for 4 plus devices.

Ambur Restaurant POS System Demo:

Ambur provides a Demo of the software through videos where users can learn about the different features and functionalities. In addition to that, a free trial is also provided for 30 days. E-books and guides are also available to give a more extensive look into the processing and managing services of Ambur POS. 

Ambur Restaurant POS System Features:

  • Offline Functionalities and overall storage
  • Store all business data in a dropbox folder which is provided for free after purchasing any plan.
  • Operates even without a working internet connection.
  • Placing orders
  • Placement of orders using various functionalities shown in the app by the waiter or manager.
  • Combining two or more orders is possible using the order manager.
  • Employee profile
  • Assigning each employee with a personal profile is possible which can be easily modified in the application.
  • Access can be obtained even remotely and employers can use it to check their wages and working hours. 
  • Full Log control
  • Grants information about every single transaction made inside the business.
  • Logs are created into the system enabling seamless corroboration of information. 
  • Customer Layout
  • Customization of the number of tables and customer serving locations in a venue using graphics.
  • Maintains checks of each table and updates them as more orders arrive.


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Ambur Reviews


Buyer, Food Manufacturing, Enterprise

May 02, 2020

“Ease of Access”

The software is easy to use and personalizable for seamless restaurant management. Low investment software.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020


Ambur has many different features which covers all the areas of restaurants. It uses multi-channel operations and aids in business growth.
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