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ABM retail management system is a retail store management software which saves its users from the tedious tasks of maintaining spreadsheets and performs all the functions and performs many more, on the cloud itself. It is an automated system that updates all the records, categorizes them based on specified criteria, and also generates graphs and charts to depict business growth. It provides a centralized platform to record, calculate, and update them virtually, which can be accessed from anywhere.

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ABM Retail Management System works as management software that is designed to keep account of all the retail processes on a virtual system, i.e., ABM cloud, and thus makes it easier to maintain records. The automated system functions consistently and keeps all the records up to date which can easily be accessed from anywhere and anytime. It is useful for FMCG shops, cosmetics, and many other franchisees. 

ABM Pricing

ABM pricing is transparent and disruptive in nature, provides the customer with need-based pricing plans, and is set to meet the requirements of the user and thus provides a complete range of plans to choose from. ABM pricing list can easily be procured from the official website by filling in the credentials.

ABM Demo

In order to provide a better understanding of its users, ABM retail management system gives demonstrations and also illustrations, that can easily be found on the website itself. The demonstrations are brief yet informative, covering the basic structure of the software and how to use the various features it provides.


Fast and Efficient
  • Works on system fluctuations and deviations quickly and effectively.
  • Provides personnel training and performs system updates automatically and almost instantly, depending upon the availability.

Maintains records

  • Tabulates purchase orders, payments, marketing contracts and many more on the cloud itself.
  • Performs calculations such as retro bonuses, debit, and credits automatically.

Organized Management

  • Groups similar data based on history, forms and controls the data based on client requirements.
  • Allows scheduled delivery and order calculations to take place so that no information is missed.

Operations and production management

  • Manages record of incoming goods, inventories, production and many more.
  • Maintains production sheets, finished goods, and services records, and accounts related to production seamlessly.

Financial Management

  • Documents cash flow statements, pending payments, and mode in which the payments were made for future references.
  • Builds product reports and provides with order and supply calendar.


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ABM Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Fast Services”

Performs all the updates almost instantly and gives the liberty to access the cloud from anywhere making it all the more useful.
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James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Financial Reports”

Creates financial reports based on the data and helps in analyzing the growth trends. It also maintains a record of all the payments in just a few steps.
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