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Infinity Retail POS
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Infinity Retail POS USP

Infinity Retail POS System provides a platform which unifies commerce for a business. It allows for access of all channels of inventory data and customer information in one place. This in turn helps businesses offer customers competitive prices and facilities which might suit them best. It provides ease to all users, and has the ability to sync with existing systems within businesses.

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Infinity Retail POS System is a comprehensive retail system. It allows for various methods of sales and offers controls in two ways – at a centralised level or at the store level. It enables sales online and offline, at stores and special events. It is a software which supports order processing and also ensures easy payments for all users.

Infinity Pricing

Infinity pricing does not offer a free plan. They however do offer a demo. Infinity pricing is not level or tier based. They offer services based on an audit and business requirements, and provide a quote accordingly. For more details about Infinity pricing plans, please contact the company.

Infinity Demo

Infinity Retail POS System provides demos in the form of video tutorials. It is available on the main website. This demo is available for all, including potential customers considering a purchase of the tool and those who are already users of the platform. 


Order management

  • Manage orders and organize inventory as required, including by channel and geographical locations.
  • Infinity Retail POS System allows users to create options of how to fulfil orders to ensure customer satisfaction such as door delivery or pickup at store.

Inventory management 

  • Optimize stock to ensure it is available in the locations serviced by the business at the right time. 
  • Maintain inventory information by vendor, store wise or as a central repository, and make real time updates.

Performance tracker

  • Analyze information from across stores with respect to inventory management and order fulfilment.
  • Enable loyalty programs for customers which can be availed on all retail platforms.


  • Facilitate online ordering for locations and items listed as available by the business.
  • Generate orders and allow for shipping or pick up in various modes, which can be effectively tracked within the tool.


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Infinity Retail POS
83 Buyers Negotiating
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Infinity Retail POS Reviews


James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“Effective ordering system”

this tool has helped in integrating ordering across channels and executing the orders with ease, given it shows real time information of inventory across locations.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Omnichannel management tool”

Infinity is a tool which has helped in managing physical stores, online shops and warehouses all in one place, with real time updates.
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