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Cash Register
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Cash Register USP

The software is different and unique as it offers all its services for absolutely no cost. Its tools can track sales from time to time and also pre-sell tickets for all events. It also records and regenerates over 10,000 transactions. In addition to this, it creates several reports that can be exported for use to text or data files. Further, the software supports all the networked registers for the efficient and smooth functioning of the tool. Request Cash Register Pricing to get more information.


Cash Register Retail POS is a free system with inventory tools that create space for tracking and tracing of over 26 thousand different items. It is compatible with most POS hardware that includes scanners, printers, customer displays, and cash drawers. It tracks and updates sales of up to 56 employees. Users can also print receipts from this software on their regular printers connected to computers.   

Cash Register Pricing

Detailed Cash Register pricing has not been disclosed, but it is in line with the leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offers competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For more details about their pricing plans, contact the company. 

Cash Register Demo

Demo is neither provided nor required as the software is free to use for everyone. Users have to only register on the official  website and can start right away.


Barcode scanning
  • Users can access the retail statistics using barcodes
  • Users can also manage sales and records by sorting through the barcodes to save time

Gift card management

  • It allows businesses to offer gift cards to the customers to generate stagnant sales
  • Businesses can also optimize different gift cards for different clients based on their billing history

Customer account management
  • Users get the flexibility to create a separate purchase portal for separate clients to trace their satisfaction
  • They can assess and analyze progress by receiving analytical reports on profitable business made

Discount management 

  • The software helps businesses to generate discount codes and offers for clients to attract purchases
  • Share the discounts with through emails and other modes of communication 


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Cash Register
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Cash Register Reviews


James Smith

Apr 30, 2020

“Reliable and helpful”

The software is helpful for business development as it provides timely reports and analysis into the sales and profits made. It helps in tracing the clients back and generating leads.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Fast and efficient”

Cash Register Retail POS is extremely efficient in its functioning as it handles and manages many tasks at the same time. It also offers many tools that are quick to function and therefore save time.
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