VITRONIC Road Safety Solutions

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The company develops innovative products and customized solutions for the growth of industries, such as industrial automation, logistics automation, and traffic technology. Request VITRONIC Pricing to get more information.


It offers a unique ecosystem of systems and software, covering image and sensor-based quality inspection, identification, traffic enforcement, and tolling solutions. In the traffic technology sector, VITRONIC offers high-performance technologies to ensure increased road safety and improved traffic flow. VITRONIC caters to its customers through its subsidiaries in North America, Europe, and APAC, with the help of a global network of sales and service partners.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +9 Consulting and Training
  • +11 Support and Maintenance
  • +10 System Integration and Deployment
  • +7 Automatic License Plate Recognition/Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • +13 Red Light Enforcement
  • +14 Speed Enforcement
  • +6 Back-Office Systems
  • +13 Fixed Speed Enforcement
  • +14 Mobile Speed Enforcement
  • +12 Managed Services
  • +12 Solution portfolio on the basis of diversification
  • +9 High Resolution Image Capture
  • +7 Rail Road Crossing Safety
  • +8 School Bus Stop-Arm Enforcement
  • +13 R & D spend
  • +14 Strategies for New Product development plans
  • +5 Bus Lane Enforcement
  • +8 Incident Detection and Response
  • +6 Section Enforcement
  • +5 Weight Enforcement
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Top Features

  1. Solution features Offered / Mobile Speed Enforcement
  2. Solution features Offered / Back-Office Systems
  3. Products/Solutions Offered / Speed Enforcement
  4. Products/Solutions Offered / Automatic License Plate Recognition/Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  5. Services Offered / Consulting and Training
  6. Services Offered / System Integration and Deployment
  7. Services Offered / Support and Maintenance
  8. Products/Solutions Offered / Red Light Enforcement
  9. Solution features Offered / Fixed Speed Enforcement
  10. Feature and Functionality / Solution portfolio on the basis of diversification
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