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Flightmap route planning software is a cloud-based software that integrates route, inventory, invoice and client communication. Flightmap software package drives the business forward with the best mapping infrastructure. It predicts the ETA based on the distance travelled and time taken. It provides a profound comprehension of assets by visualising them in real time. It reduces the operational costs and helps the customers with precise delivery and pick-up timings. It discovers a location and gets info about the name, address, contact details and more to help the customers explore round the globe. It gets the latitude and longitude coordinates or identifies the exact location by using forward and reverse geocoding. 

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Logistics route planning software is a multifunctional system designed to enforce control over any of a courier delivery service's job levels. Logistics is comprised of two applications: one network and one computer. The online platform is designed for user use. The cloud component is designed to handle operating processes such as production and delivery of orders between departments, route planning, and optimization, and management of the execution of orders. The mobile component reminds a courier about the details of the job: attached orders, their series, and structured distribution routes.

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An app that helps the driver to collect, and monitors all distribution incidents and KPIs. This monitors a live truck, captures driver presence, records the time of loading and unloading, warns if error, proof of delivery signature, checks if the delivery position is right or not, scans barcodes, uploads photos, warnings about speed, control room dashboard with 5 LED TV screen, Location search, Offline Customer Monitoring, Daily and E-Commerce User Monitoring App.

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Tookan is a fully customized on demand delivery application for drivers and supply end to end solution to delivery business. It provides real time tracking of agents and customer chat engage the customer with the delivery platform. It manages rating and reviews, real-time agent tracking and status and manages agent performance through the manager’s dashboard. Take control of all the delivery business operations by managing the number of deliveries, delayed & canceled orders and monitor delivery time. It gives its users an easy integration of existing management portals and websites to Tookan. Users can connect Tookan with various applications using Zapier. The software boosts profit and efficiency by automating the delivery, dispatch and tracking tasks. It retrieves the most efficient path for any mode of transportation.

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TransIT route planning software is the perfect platform for organizing and managing operations operators, transport administrators, dispatchers and anybody who oversees the movement of mobile staff or transport of vehicles. Factors such as accessibility, business alignment, increasing traffic flow, digitization, rising staffing costs, fuel, and toll affect route planning. Those that rely on the right resources here will maximize not only their routes but also their industry–for greater productivity and profitability.

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