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Majestic USP

Majestic SEO Software with enormous web index stands out in terms of backlink tracking which tremendously facilitates the user to know where they stand alongside competitors. Majestic SEO Software link context which is unique about this SEO helps in keeping track of backlinks and checking their authenticity alongside improving the ranking of the domain. Majestic API aids the user to get the large intelligence data into their application.

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Majestic SEO Software is a comprehensive domain tracing platform that gives detailed backlink statistics, which helps the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) team to make proper decisions. Majestic SEO Software tracks down and compares various URLs based upon keywords which provide detailed analysis for the user to know regarding the authenticity and ranking of the link. It also provides information regarding the competitor website which can be considered for improvement.

Majestic Pricing

Majestic pricing comes in various plans and based upon the subscription it can start from $49.99 per user to $399.99 for 5 users, per month. 

Here are Majestic Pricing plans:

  1. LITE- $49.99/user/month.
  2. PRO- $99.99/user/month
  3. API- $399.99/5 users/month

Majestic Demo

Majestic SEO Software provides free demo training videos of how to use this platform on its website so that the user can get easily accustomed to It. There is also a free subscription available on the website to explore the tool.


  • Site Explorer Tool
  • Gain excessive data regarding the domains to know the best fit for the people.
  • Comprehensive analysis of domain with trust flow and citation flow tools.
Backlink tracking
  • Incorporate detailed indexes that provide all the backlinks to the domain.
  • Provide authenticity of the links which helps in ranking on the search engines.
Domain Search
  • Discover links based upon keywords, phrases and titles usage.
  • Sort out links from a lot of data based upon the popularity and number of backlinks. 
Majestic API
  • Facilitates the user to get into the large link intelligence dataset.
  • Incorporate the massive data in the domain of the user.
Majestic Campaigns
  • Track the progress of various websites and domains by assembling them at a specific location.
  • Facilitate the sharing of campaigns privately and publicly based upon the user needs.


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Majestic Reviews


James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“The facility of Tracking Competitor site”

Majestic provides a platform for keeping track of various important links by Majestic Campaign, which helps in keeping up with the competitors alongside getting better knowledge about the people''s needs.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Expeditious Backlink Tracking”

Majestic with massive indexes make it easier for the user to track all the links that are pointing towards their domain alongside features like trust and citation flow help provide authenticity and popularity of the domain.
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