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Nightwatch USP

Nightwatch SEO Software is an all in one SEO performance solution. It provides real-time report views that are integrated with emails. It also allows exporting records in CSV, PDF and HTML formats. It also allows filtering through multiple data points to generate a custom graph according to the user’s demands. Request Nightwatch Pricing to get more information.


Nightwatch SEO Software is an advanced SEO tool for rank tracking, backlink monitoring, analytics, and reporting. The software gives webmasters a better understanding of their SEO performance through data-driven insights. The software offers advanced segmentation, filtering abilities, graphs and visualizations, google analytics and automatic keyword and competitor discovery. 

Nightwatch pricing

Nightwatch Pricing adapts to business needs. There are three Nightwatch Pricing plans:

  1. Personal plan – Starts at $19 per month
  2. Business plan – starts at $99 per month for pro-1000 and $199 for pro-2500
  3. Agency plan – starts at $369 per month for pro-5000 and $699 for pro-10000

Nightwatch SEO Demo

Nightwatch SEO provides software demos through a how-to-videos section where users can learn about its different features. In addition, a free trial of Nightwatch SEO Software is provided for 10 days. A demo is also given through webinars where users are required to register beforehand. E-books are also available.


  • Rank tracker
  • Track rankings for any location. The localized reports give a clear picture where the ranking of local SERPs is possible
  • Check additional competitors and their performance
  • Through keyword discovery, Nightwatch, suggests relevant words that a user can avail of to improve ranking.
Backlink Monitoring
  • Generation of high-quality backlinks to attract more traffic to the website and increase credibility 
  • Displays of number and quality of backlinks on the website
Data Reporting
  • Reporting to keep users informed, custom reports can be created from the dashboard along with the configuration of elements.
  • Ability to create graphics and attach them to records enables visualization of trends and patterns
Site Audit
  • Provision of regular website crawls for in-depth analysis of issues that affect the website and SEO performance.
  • Identifying website health with necessary improvements. 


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Nightwatch Reviews


James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Smart site notifications”

Whenever any trend or an opportunity emerges, Nightwatch SEO takes note and sends notifications. This keeps the information reliable and relevant with constant data updates.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Unlimited custom reports”

Creating custom reports with Nightwatch SEO is simple and effortless through their drag and drop elements across the interface. Visual data methods allow for an easy operational channel.
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