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Seobility USP

Seobility SEO Software is an all in one software that allows users to handle all website optimization tasks from a single place. Users can analyse keyword rankings, check backlinks, audit sites, identify problems regarding page and page content and receive emails in case of server errors. By using Seobility SEO Software, users simplify the process of website optimization and centralize the information for efficient handling.

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Seobility SEO Software is an online software that enables website optimization through a holistic examination of all linked pages. By informing the user of any and all issues relating to page content, page optimization or page errors, Seobility ensures the smooth functioning of the website and a pleasant experience for website viewers. The visibility of the website is also enhanced through consistent monitoring of key search terms and evaluation of website ranking by search engines such as Google.

Seobility Pricing

Seobility pricing ranges from $50 per month to $200 per month according to user requirements. Following are the details regarding Seobility pricing

  • Basic- Free
  • Premium- $50/month
  • Agency- $200/month

Seobility Demo

Seobility SEO Software offers a demo for Seobility Premium to all its users. The duration of the demo is 30 days and can be availed by users from the website. Simply visit the website and get in touch with the support team to get a free trial.


Competitor Analysis
  • Learn competitor’s website performance to contextualise personal website achievements and positioning as well as get an idea of the relative market share
  • Remain updated regarding the type of content that is being put out by other market experts and evaluate the market response to it for the purpose of identifying where new opportunities lie
Keyword Analysis
  • Get information pertaining to keyword search volume, average cost per click, competition per keyword, keyword ranking updates and city based local search results
  • Receive weekly ranking reports through email as well as suggestions for improved keyword optimization.
Link Building and Monitoring
  •  Utilize Backlink Dashboard to get an overview of the development of backlinks for a domain along with indication of link source, link type and link target
  • Generate useful links by locating potential sources of important keywords from competitor websites and top ranked pages
Redirect Check
  • Find issues regarding 


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  • +7
    Ad and Conversion Tracking
  • +6
    Advanced Targeting Options
  • +11
    Backlink Monitoring
  • +11
    Bid Rules
  • +9
    Brand Safety
  • +8
  • +11
    Integration and Synchronization
  • +7
    Keyword Suggestions
  • +10
    Link Building
  • +9
  • +5
    Performance and Reliability
  • +8
    Search Volume
  • +10
    24/7 Customer Support
  • +14
    Ad and Landing Page Scheduling
  • +12
    Ad Creation and Editing
  • +7
    Administration Alerts
  • +9
  • +13
    API/Web Service
  • +6
    Audience Insights
  • +14
    Change Tracking
  • -12
    Competitor Analysis
  • -13
    Data Visualization
  • -5
  • -13
    Influencer Identification
  • -6
    Load Time Monitoring
  • -5
    Log File Analysis
  • -12
  • -14
  • -10
    Paid Keyword Optimization
  • -9
    Rank Tracking
  • -10
    Reports & Dashboards
  • -13
    Scenario Planning

Seobility Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Fast, simple, convenient”

Seobility offers users a centralized platform that cuts down time wastes arising from multiplatform dependencies and hastens the process of website optimization while keeping it simple and easy to understand.
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James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Helps remain updated”

By tracking top keywords and competitor keywords, Seobility helps identify what the market is prioritising and tailor content accordingly for better reach and visibility.
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