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SEOptimer SEO software is a fast website audit and reporting platform and can review a website thoroughly in less than half a minute. Small businesses and individuals owning a website can make use of SEOptimer SEO software to enhance their online presence and improve their rankings. It also caters well to the needs of digital marketers wishing to create well-stylized reports and generate leads.  Request SEOptimer Pricing to get more information.


SEOptimer is an efficient white-label tool for performing website audits. It gives a quick overview of the website’s SEO, its performance, usability and presence in social media. It highlights the broader issues of a website and gives an analysis of the key SEO objectives thus improving performance. 

SEOptimer Pricing

SEOptimer pricing starts at $19 per month. It offers a 14-day free trial to the users willing to explore the full features of the product. SEOptimer has different sets of plans for individuals owning a website and for digital marketers. The SEOptimer Pricing plans are  as below:

  • DIY SEO - $19 per month
  • White Label - $29 per month
  • White Label and Embedding - $59 per month

SEOptimer Demo

SEOptimer SEO software lets users undertake a free website analysis and generate a detailed report for the same. The user can enter the URL of the website on SEOptimer, which in turn will provide an audit of the website demonstrating the features of SEOptimer. 


Website Audit

  • Ranks a website and identifies reasons for lower efficiency
  • Improves performance by undertaking action on a prioritized list of recommendations

Simplified SEO tool

  • Suited to the needs of small business due to its affordability
  • DIY SEO crawls identifies problems on a website and suggests guidelines accordingly

White Label PDF Reports

  • Generate SEO audits in a simplified and actionable format
  • Incorporates company’s details and logo and creates stylized PDF SEO audits

Embedded Audit Tool

  • Generate leads with the customized audit forms
  • Get instant notifications via e-mails of new leads and their details


  • Supports bulk reporting and submits a large number of audits at one go 
  • Audits a range of websites for research and trend analysis so as to create unique business insights


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  • +10
    24/7 Customer Support
  • +7
    Ad and Conversion Tracking
  • +14
    Ad and Landing Page Scheduling
  • +12
    Ad Creation and Editing
  • +7
    Administration Alerts
  • +6
    Advanced Targeting Options
  • +9
  • +13
    API/Web Service
  • +11
    Backlink Monitoring
  • +11
    Bid Rules
  • +9
    Brand Safety
  • +14
    Change Tracking
  • +8
  • +12
    Competitor Analysis
  • +13
    Data Visualization
  • +5
  • +13
    Influencer Identification
  • +11
    Integration and Synchronization
  • +7
    Keyword Suggestions
  • +10
    Link Building
  • -6
    Audience Insights
  • -5
    Log File Analysis
  • -9
    Rank Tracking

SEOptimer Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Free Go-to auditing tool”

SEOptimer lets users audit a website for free (up to a limit); it finds errors on the website and provides guidelines to improve the rank of the site in search engines.
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Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Well-formatted PDF Reports”

SEOptimer offers worthwhile reporting solutions and generates presentable and actionable PDF reports for prospective customers along with embedded white-label versions of audit tools for lead generation.
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