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Serpstat USP

Serpstat SEO Software helps agencies optimize performance by providing tools such as competitors’ analysis, finding tested keywords, identifying best backlink sources, checking for SEO errors, etc. It provides abundant search analytics data thus offering valuable insights to users for SEO campaigns. Serpstat SEO Software affordable pricing along with the training and support makes it a go-to search optimization tool. Request Serpstat Pricing to get more information.


Serpstat SEO Software is a versatile all-in-one SEO software providing a comprehensive set of tools aimed at helping businesses improve their performance in the SEO area. With an affordable price, Serpstat offers a wide array of features apart from keyword research and competitor analysis such as backlink analysis, site audit and rank tracking. 

Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat pricing starts at $19 per month. Serpstat also offers a free trial to new users to help them explore the full features of the software. As per specific business needs, Serpstat offers various plans to the users. Serpstat pricing plans are listed below:

  • Lite - $69 per month
  • Standard - $149 per month
  • Advanced- $299 per month
  • Enterprise- $499 per month

Serpstat Demo

Serpstat SEO Software has ample resources available on its website to provide a personalized demo to its users such as blogs, video lessons, guides, chat, SEO community, webinars and personal demonstrations on request. 


Keyword Research

  • Track the list of competitors’ profitable keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns 
  • Enhance web content by using tested keywords and optimizing web pages

Search Analytics

  • Identify organic competitors, prepare a Competitors Graph and identify competitors’ keyword rankings
  • Monitor universal search content including images and videos and identify the most traffic-generating content

Advertising Analysis

  • Identify the advertising strategies of the competitors such as finding the highest performing keywords, position of the ad’s in the search result, cost-per-click in AdWords, etc.
  • Localize advertising campaigns and targeting keywords based on countries

Content Marketing Ideation

  • Creates content keeping in mind the related keywords that can be used by the target audience to obtain more traffic
  • Identify web traffic of each page to promote the pages that can attract a high volume of visitors


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Serpstat Reviews


James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Competition Research”

Serpstat offers comprehensive data to analyze competitors’ backlinks and SEO tactics. It also helps to identify the keywords of the competitors for organic and paid search.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Geo-based data filtering”

It provides results based on different locations so that it is easy to localize campaigns and target traffic from a particular country or location.
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