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SpyFu SEO software exposes the search marketing secret formula of the most successful competitors of a website through its tools and offerings. SpyFu SEO software provides data on any domain and also reveals where it has appeared on Google. It provides information regarding every keyword bought by a domain, every organic rank and ad variation held by a domain in the last 13 years. SpyFu SEO software gives its users access to Member Perks which is a list of discounts on other tools available in the market.

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SpyFu helps businesses increase web traffic, track keyword rankings and make better connections through PPC competitor research, SEO competitor research and keyword research. SpyFu SEO software lets a user see every keyword that a competitor has ever bought and every ad test run by the competitor. It also lets users see how competitors outrank them by providing information on every phrase the competitor ranks on.

SpyFu Pricing

SpyFu Pricing has three subscription plans to offer based on user needs. Here are the SpyFu Pricing segments:

  • Basic- $39/month
  • Professional- $39 for the first month and $78/month afterward
  • Team- $299/month

SpyFu Demo

SpyFu provides detailed Step-By-Step guides on using SpyFu and other tools and offers a library of more than 200 video tutorials. If a user wants to use SpyFu before making a decision on subscribing to it, SpyFu provides a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee which makes trying SpyFu risk-free.


SEO Research

  • Stay ahead of competitors by using SEO Competitor Analysis and SEO Keyword Research tools.
  • Leverage SpyFu’s Kombat to learn which keywords to target in order to deliver the right audience to the website.

PPC Research

  • Gain an edge over your competitors through AdWords Competitors and PPC Keyword Research tools.
  • Act on the PPC Keyword research through PPC Keyword Suggestions and PPC Keyword Grouper tools.
  • Optimize AdWords copies using SpyFu’s AdWords templates.

Keyword Research

  • Obtain advanced insights and all SEO and PPC metrics through just a few searches using Keyword Research Tool
  • Create and organize keyword lists using the Keyword Grouping Tool

Keyword Rank Checker

  • Track entire ranking history of keywords
  • Get ranking history for blogs and webpages 


  • Acquire special SEO and PPC insights through the Reports feature of SpyFu
  • Use analysis provided in reports to improve performance


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SpyFu Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Fast, extensive and smart”

The software has some very powerful tools which quickly provide required data and insights.
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James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Easy-to-use and provides concise correct information”

SpyFu provides all the information that a user could possibly need about a website.
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