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Wordtracker USP

Wordtracker SEO software is one of the world’s most reliable keyword research tools. It maintains the order and displays the ranking of popular search results by using relevance as a filter. Its unique Keyword Tool uses negative keywords to find these pertinent phrases. Since it is a chrome extension, it creates a list of important words in just one click and is user friendly.

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Wordtracker SEO software provides extensive keyword research to determine the words being used by competitors in the market. It lists links to relevant websites when searches are made with words and provides accurate outputs. Wordtracker is used for carefully choosing words to bid and give real-time results based on authentic word searches.

Wordtracker Pricing

Based on the business requirements, subscription to Wordtracker Pricing ranges from $500 per month to $2000 per month. An initial free trial of 10 days is provided for $50 to help the user get accustomed to the features and specifications of the tool. The following is the Wordtracker Pricing model:

  • Bronze- $500/ month
  • Silver- $1000/ month
  • Gold- $2000/ month

Wordtracker Demo

Wordtracker SEO software provides a comprehensive demo on its website via videos and animated illustrations. The demo can be availed by interested users or they can choose to sign up for the free trial to further understand the tool’s attributes.


Keywords Tool
  • Flexible system to find, target and manage keywords.
  • Assists and simplifies the SEO management in day to day jobs.
Quick Research Tool
  • Effective and efficient way to obtain keywords from several databases. 
  • Integrates instantly with Google to compare keywords in a seamless manner.
Organized Keyword Research
  • Quick website reporting after entering a domain through automatic keyword generation suggestions.
  • Enables setting up individual keyword research projects inside a business campaign.
Ease of Access
  • Integrated ‘Add Niche’ icon helps in creating keywords in that vertical.
  • Functional ‘Help’ buttons on each page provide detailed guides on the usage of every in-built tool.
  • Added sparklines which reflect correct and up to date information
  • Clickable sparklines to get optimum results on every keyword search


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Wordtracker Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 27, 2020

“Optimizing with Wordtracker”

WordTracker is useful and works well for both website optimization and search ads optimization. Its platform is multi-functional and integrates well with the pre-existent Google Keyword tool.
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James Smith

Apr 27, 2020

“Superior Keyword Research and Stands the Test of Time IMO”

WordTracker is essential for determining ground-level keyword statistics such as search volume and level of competition and offers a very helpful Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) figure.
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