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Graylog USP

It’s easy to use and is built for speed and interactivity. Another USP of it is the scalability of the data from sources. Its affordability is also another USP of the tool. It can analyze everything at just half its cost.

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Graylog is an entirely open-source integrated log managing platform. It’s purposed to perform collecting, analyzing, and indexing jobs both structured as well as unstructured data from any source. The platform helps manage tools and manage computing resources in a consistent and effective manner.

Graylog Pricing:

According to the Graylog Pricing, it’s a free tool. Here’s the Graylog Pricing model:

  • There’s a free version
  • There’s also the enterprise licensing which happens to be available at $1,500 every Graylog - server instance in the Graylog cluster.

Graylog Demo:

Graylog Demo is free for the version and can be used for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and indexing structured and unstructured data from any source.

Graylog Features:

  • Collection of data

Graylog’s log-focused architecture is potential in accepting almost all types of structured data including network traffic and log messages from:

  • Beats/Logstash
  • JSON Path from HTTP API, and more
  • Organizing data

Raw materials are supposed to parse and make useful to the human operators as well as downstream systems. 

  • Giving allowance to enriching log data by translation of the message field into newer values
  • Cleaning up the log messages in the structured order and allowing greater flexibility in blacklisting, routing, and even modifying messages
  • Data analysis

The query of large quantities of the machine data is easy. The management tools are supposed to be equal in accordance with it.

  • The  tool makes right uses  of Boolean search terms in the wizard interface to select data and fields
  • Its search workflow helps build & combine a slew of searches regardless of the types of analysis
  • Extraction of data

A log management system seldom operates in the vacuum. There will be the summary data that requires getting passed to somewhere else in the Operations Center.

  • Graylog’s dashboard comprises charts & data delivered through email regularly
  • Graylog collects missing alerts and builds complexes based on the respective relationship


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"for my bachelor degree i am comparing SIEM solutions. please provide me with a pricing table for graylog"
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Graylog Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Preserving financial log”

Graylog can preserve the financial logs upon preserving them. It’s a great job, in a nutshell.
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Transportation and Logistics

May 04, 2020

“For audit purposes”

It’s purposed to do the job primarily for the audit which might be coming up. Compliance happens to be good.
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